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Wild Greens Supreme-90 Grams

Supreme Nutrition

Wild Greens Supreme

Primary Usage:

  • Phytonutrient Source
  • General Health Enhancement

    The goal of Wild Greens was to create a high quality green food product that consistently worked with a vast majority of patients. The herbs needed to be nutritive without being overtly medicinal so they could be consumed daily and nourish the body with a therapeutic dose of nutraceuticals and phytochemicals. 

    The contents are a blend of nettle, chickweed, Siberian lettuce, dandelion leaf, and couchgrass.

    Why Not Use Typical Cereal Grasses?

    Noticeably absent are the cereal grasses (e.g. wheat and barley grass juice), various algaes (spirulina, chlorella, blue green algae, etc.), and legume foliage (e.g. alfalfa). Almost every other “greens” product on the market contains at least one of these, if not more. Super Nutrition didn’t want to include the grass juice from gluten containing grains to avoid the possibility of a reaction from gluten (gliadin) sensitive individuals. We excluded the algae because of the risk of excitotoxins and toxic metals and possibly other factors.

    There is some doubt as to whether alfalfa is a suitable food for human consumption. Though it has a good nutritional profile, it is best suited for the digestive system of a horse, and even then it can be easily overdone.

    Wild Greens Supreme™ is packaged in a jar containing 90 grams. Wild Greens Supreme™ is a proprietary blend of powdered nettle, chickweed, Siberian miner's lettuce, dandelion leaf, and couchgrass. Each jar contains approximately 39 servings.

      Suggested Use:

      Two level teaspoons daily mixed in 4 oz. water or juice.

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