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What Are The Best Supplements For Sleeping Issues?

March 09, 2016

I've been in the natural health industry for over a decade. I have seen some fantastic supplements and A LOT of supplements that are just cheap junk. There are far too many supplements on the market that are so bad that I wouldn't even give them to my dog!  
When I look at new products it really takes a lot to impress me. This is especially true when looking for sleep aid supplements. So what are the best supplements out there for helping you get to sleep; and which ones actually work? I have two answers for you, and both of them are far from being cheap junk; they're quality supplements I'd recommend to you all!

Answer #1 - Sleep Reset

Sleep Reset
I don't often see a supplement and have that excited WOW factor, but Sleep Reset gave me a big WOW! I am impressed with the formula because it is quite unique and addresses common sleep issues from all sides.
Sleep Reset contains the extremely important ingredient called glycine, which gives this successful sleep formula its WOW factor. Several studies have confirmed that glycine will:
  1. reduce daytime sleepiness 
  2. reduce daytime fatigue
  3. increase cognitive abilities (brainpower!)
  4. improve daytime mood stability
  5. temporarily increase serotonin 
  6. lower core body and brain temperature (this is required for good sleep)
In summary, Sleep Reset promises to help you fall asleep faster and feel alert the next morning, even if you haven't gotten a full night's sleep. That is right; even if you don't sleep well, the glycine in Sleep Reset will allow you to function better the next day.  
Sleep Reset also has melatonin and 5htp. Earlier this month I explained how melatonin and serotonin are both critical nutrients for sleep. A deficiency of either one will cause sleep disturbances.  
My experience with Sleep Reset has been surprising. I typically do a deep breathing exercise in bed so that I can relax my mind and body. But with Sleep Reset I fall asleep before I can even start my deep breathing! I was shocked at how quickly and deeply I entered my dreamland. 
Whatever the cause of your insomnia, Sleep Reset is sure to improve your sleep.

Answer #2 - Natural Calm Magnesium

Natural Calm Magnesium
Imagine 40 million houses and beds with 40 million people just like you. These people are tossing and turning.  They are snoring and thinking. They are trying to stretch their legs, close their eyes, and find some rest. This scene happens every night.  But for 40 million Americans, sleep doesn't happen the way it should.
Are you one of these 40 million people? Well the first question I have for you is, are you taking a magnesium supplement? 
Magnesium is always my first question and recommendation for sleep issues. If my clients are already taking a magnesium supplement, I check to make sure it is magnesium citrate. The best magnesium citrate supplement that I recommend is Natural Calm Magnesium.
Often clients are not getting enough magnesium in their diet or their magnesium supplement dosage is too low. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for magnesium is 300mg. Most Americans don't even get 200mg per day in their diets. This leaves most of us magnesium deficient. 
In fact, 80% of Americans show signs of magnesium deficiency. Guess what is the number one sign of magnesium deficiency? Restless and un-refreshing sleep!
Science has shown that everything from sleeplessness to heart paplitations can be caused by low magnesium levels. Do yourself a favor and take a magnesium supplement. Better yet, take a therapeutic dose of magnesium citrate right before bed.
Natural Calm Magnesium is what my husband and I take every night and what I've been successfully recommending for years. Just stir into water, sip, and get ready for a relaxing night's sleep. You will not regret it. 

Package Deal

Sleep Reset & Natural Calm Magnesium Package Deal
I can't say it enough, these two supplements prove time after time that they work and they can work for you! 
*This package is no longer available (ended 03/13/16) Individual products can be found here:

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