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The Importance Of Nitric Oxide

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on March 09, 2022

Not too long ago, in terms of history, three scientists discovered a previously overlooked but vitally important signaling molecule. This molecule signals your blood vessels to vasodilate (relax) so that blood and nutrients can flow throughout your body. Without this molecule, named molecule of the year in 1992, your blood won’t flow as easily. Of course, nitric oxide was originally discovered in the early 1700s. But in 1998 scientists proved that nitric oxide causes vasodilation (relaxing) in your heart and blood vessels.

Since that discovery, several different supplements have been enlisted and studied to increase nitric oxide. None of the supplements have been as successful as beetroot powder, which is one of the main ingredients in Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Support Supplements. Beets are a natural source of nitrates (NO3), which are readily changed into nitric oxide (NO2) in your mouth and stomach. Supporting blood flow is critical for high blood pressure or other cardiovascular issues, but nitric oxide is a strong performer in other areas too.  

Berkeley Life makes two complementary products. Nitric oxide (NO) testing strips and Nitric Oxide Support Supplements. The tests are very easy to use and convenient. The test strips are intended to show you the level or lack of nitric oxide level in your saliva. The supplements contain ingredients to support your body in making nitric oxide. 

Who should take Nitric Oxide Support Supplements: anyone who is concerned about their cardiovascular or circulatory health. I recommend it for those who have high blood pressure. I also recommend it for athletes who want to increase their stamina and performance. Nitric Oxide plays a surprising role in gut health, so I also recommend it to clients who have Leaky gut, dysbiosis or SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). 

Nitric Oxide and Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is increasingly more common. It affects about 20% of all adult males. 50% of the men affected are between the ages of 40 and 70 years old.  

Some evidence suggests that erectile dysfunction may be an early or general marker for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Erectile dysfunction can be thought of as a “circulation” issue. Studies have illustrated that nitric oxide plays a crucial role in erection and sustaining an erection.

Nitric Oxide and Gut Health

Natural nitrates, as found in beets or beetroot supplements provide protection from Leaky gut. Specifically nitrates signal your intestinal cells to secrete mucus which protects the gut from LPS (lipopolysaccharides). LPS are toxic for the gut cells and cause Leaky gut. Studies show that nitric oxide also supports the tight junction between cells found in a healthy gut.  

Nitric Oxide and exercise and athletic performance: You don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from more nitric oxide. Studies have shown increased endurance and strength with nitric oxide supplements. 

Nitric Oxide and diabetes: People with Type 2 diabetes have reduced nitric oxide production. In studies, when diabetic patients were given supplements to increase their nitric oxide levels, their insulin sensitivity improved. This allowed them to have better blood sugar control. 

Nitric oxide and peripheral neuropathy: Diabetic patients also suffer from peripheral neuropathy because of high insulin and the resulting inflammation.  Nitric oxide supplements can decrease this symptom by increasing insulin sensitivity.

How do Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide supplements work? 

Your body makes nitric oxide for you. However, by the time you are 40 years old, the enzymes that create nitric oxide are only working at 50%. By the time you are 60 years old, the NOS (enzymes) are only functioning at about 15%.  These are NOT great odds if you are looking for optimal health and vitality.  

How much/many nitrates do I need?

Most studies show that 300-400 mg of dietary nitrates are needed for blood pressure and athletic performance. Unfortunately, most people are lucky to get 150mg per day if they are faithfully eating their vegetables.  

In a perfect world, we would get loads of natural nitrates from our diets. But most of the population is still following the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) that is all but void of vegetables. That is where support supplements play a vital role. 5 ounces of spinach has the same level of natural nitrates (NO3) as 1 dose of Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Support Support caps.  

You may already know that 50-75% of Americans are magnesium deficient. This is due to high sugar diets and modern farming practices. It turns out that modern farming is also robbing us of nitrates that are usually found in vegetables. Organically grown vegetables are actually lower in natural nitrates than conventionally-grown ones because they aren’t sprayed with nitrogen-rich fertilizers. Although we usually think of organic vegetables are preferable, they are notably lower in natural nitrates.

If you want to geek on nitric oxide research, check out this amazing interview with leading NO (nitric oxide) researcher Dr. Nathan Bryan.

Where do I buy Berkeley Life?

Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide testing strips and Support Supplements are available through healthcare practitioners. You can purchase it here. After purchase, you can schedule a free 15-minute consultation to answer any questions about how to use the testing strips or supplements.

Does Berkeley Life work?

Of course it works! I wouldn’t recommend the supplements if there weren’t enough science to back up the claims.  

Nitric Oxide Support Supplements contain ingredients that support nitric oxide production. There are several other supplement ingredients that can help your body make more nitric oxide, but none of those work as quickly and consistently. You can easily determine whether or not the Berkeley Life supplements are increasing your nitric oxide levels by testing your saliva about 2 hours after you take a dose. 

Does Berkeley Life really lower blood pressure?

Yes, Berkeley Life Support Supplements contain beetroot powder which has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure. 

What is the shelf life for the support capsules?

The shelf life of the Nitric Oxide support capsules is at least 18 months. The “best used by” or expiration date is conveniently printed on the bottom of the box. 

Where to find Berkeley life supplements?

It is easy to find Berkeley Life supplements on our website. If you are interested in science-nerd level information about nitric oxide, visit the Berkeley Life Youtube.

Where to find Berkeley test strips?

You can purchase nitric oxide test strips here.

 Berkeley Life side effects

There are no known side effects from Berkeley Life supplements. Common side effects from eating beets are dark or reddish stool. Arginine and Citrulline, are the other two supplements that are commonly used to increase nitric oxide (NO2). Both of these supplements can cause gas, bloating, diarrhea, and nausea.  

What are the key active ingredients in the Nitric Oxide Support Supplements?

Vitamin C, Thiamin, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Potassium, Potassium nitrate, Beetroot extract, and organic fermented beet powder.  

What kind of capsule is used for the Berkeley Life supplements?

It is a fully vegetarian capsule.  

How can Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Support Supplements help me?

Even if you don’t have cardiovascular disease (CVD), or erectile dysfunction, your nitric oxide levels may be too low. Increasing your nitric oxide levels will allow your bloodstream to more efficiently deliver nutrients to your organs and body tissues. This means an overall healthier version of you and your body systems, including your immune system.

Berkeley Life reviews:

“I have been recommending NO products and making dietary suggestions to support NO production for years in my Seattle area wellness practice. While the majority of patients using NO are male for ED support, I am excited about the full scope of NO and am expanding its use to more women and for a wider range of cardiovascular and general health concerns. My short-term experience with Berkeley Life has been great, from patients who appreciate the affordability, and for myself appreciating the fabulous physician support.”

- Dr. Mark Nolting

Nitric Oxide for your skin? 

Now that you know how important nitric oxide is for your heart health, and entire body, just think about the possibilities for your skin! Just like in your heart’s blood vessels, nitric oxide increases blood flow in your skin. This means that non-healing wounds, diabetic ulcerations, acne, rosacea, and psoriasis could benefit from topical nitric oxide.  

What about sagging, aging, and dry skin? By increasing circulation with topical nitric oxide, skin can regain its elasticity---which means fewer fine lines, wrinkles, and creases.  For some impressive before and after pictures, check out this video at minute 50

Nitric oxide is sure to gain more attention and more medical studies are being conducted. This important molecule affects your cardiovascular system but goes way beyond that. In a time of post-covid and long-haul covid symptoms, I wouldn’t be surprised to see nitric oxide supplements increase in popularity. I recommend purchasing the test strips to check out your nitric oxides levels. If you would like information about how Berkeley Life supplements can be used in your health regime, Schedule a consult with me, Carly Neubert BA, NC.