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Bioray is known in the vitamin and supplement industry as the natural detox company. They have been able to master the fine balance between nature and science in order to provide their consumers with the best possible herbal supplements to help improve upon their lives. This company is best known for their specialization of the liquid herbal supplements. During the process of providing these liquid supplements to the industry, Bioray works to promote health, vitality and environmental wellness throughout their entire process.

Successful Products & Studies

These products are safely brought to you by the integration of clinical testing and various other proprietary methods that are continually being developed as they are a main priority to this business. Doctors Stephanie and Tim Ray conducted studies in 1991 which led to the original formulas of some of their most successful products. These include Red Rooster, Lady Passion, and Loving Energy. Overall, these products along with the rest of their vast product line work toward the strengthening and revitalization of the entire body. Throughout their time of operation and business, they have been able to help over 1300 children nationwide with biomedical interventions. One example of this is their contributions to the organization called Documenting Hope. Documenting Hope is a formal IRB study which shows how integrative practices are able to help kids recover from some harmful environmental systems and issues.

Quality Control & NDF

To this company, symptoms are thought of as a guide in order to improve one’s life and health. Through this mindset, they have been able to marry ancient Chinese wisdom and modern science in order to bring safe and effective liquid dietary supplements to people of all ages, including you and your entire family. All of the herbs used in the production of these substances are sustainably harvested organic herbs. This is the standard throughout their entire product line in order to provide their consumers with uncompromised quality. As this is a priority to their company, quality control is a large part of their production process. They manufacture their entire product line in the US in order to make this quality control process as simple and reliable as possible for their company, ultimately providing the purchaser with a guaranteed safe product.

An ingredient in all but one of their product line is called NDF, Natural Detox Factors. This is a substance which includes micronized chlorella. The purpose of this being added to their products is its ability to stick to heavy metals, chlorine, BPA, and pesticides and remove them safely from your body.