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BioMatrix - Into the Matrix of Supplements

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on January 18, 2023

Have you ever seen the Matrix movies with Keanu Reeves? Nothing is as it seems and you’re constantly second-guessing what’s real and what isn’t real. Looking for a supplement can sometimes feel this way - you’re being bombarded with information and you aren’t sure what’s real and what’s fake. Sifting through an overload of information for your wellness can be a lot (hello, digestive health!), but looking for a new brand to meet different needs can be exhausting.

I remember when I worked at a retail supplement store. One of my biggest complaints was that the doses and ingredients weren’t backed up by medical studies. For example, a bottle of magnesium might say “great for constipation” but then the dose was so low that there is no way it would help unless you took half of the pills. Or a multivitamin might have all the cheap B vitamins in the forms that you can’t absorb. I knew there had to be better options and solutions.  

Then I was introduced to the world of professional supplements. These are supplements that you can only get from a medical or healthcare practitioner (like me). These supplements use ingredients and doses that have been proven in medical studies. This was game-changing and eye-opening for me. This explained why some cheap supplements just didn’t work and provide the benefits that they claim. Some supplements on the market, especially at big-box stores, are just cheap crap that don't contain the ingredients or doses to actually make a change in your body. It also explained why supplements get a bad rap…because some of them just don’t work.  

On the flip side I was introduced to “Professional” supplement brands that truly use high quality ingredients and doses that are verified in medical research.  Professional brands, like those we carry in our store, show integrity and a dedication to science and results. We vet all of the brands we carry to make sure they use research-backed ingredients and doses.  

One of our professional supplement companies is BioMatrix. They have 20+ years of experience navigating the supplement industry and providing high-quality and high-potency options for the general public - all backed by third-party testing! By looking at a product from a clinician’s point of view, BioMatrix can determine what will make a difference in a user’s life, and what is simply a commonplace product. 

The BioMatrix team has years of experience in a variety of functional medicine categories. Their specializations bring in different perspectives for new ideas and formulas. Their manufacturing and research/development are top-shelf. Partnering with USA-based manufacturers for different types of formulas (from liquids to gel caps) allows them to have the ability to maintain a high degree of specialization with companies that are carefully vetted for superior performance. Because of their history of excellence, BioMatrix has been recommended in training programs including Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and Integrative Medicine Academy. 


Whether you suffer from IBS, SIBO, or just occasional gas and GERD, gut health is complex and difficult to manage. Yet, it is vital to the health of your entire body. Your “gut” is technically your small intestines, but many people use this term to describe the full digestive system---from your stomach to your rectum.   Your gut is also known as your 2nd brain, and many believe that your gut is at the root of all health and disease.  Your microbiome consists of a complicated array of bacteria and yeast that are meant to coexist harmoniously. When this balance is thrown off, your overall health can pay the price. 

An element that is important to maintaining a healthy gut balance is maintaining yeast growth. Yeast is a natural part of your gut flora. When there is an overgrowth of yeast, your digestive and urinary tracts can be hit with painful and uncomfortable symptoms. When addressing this overgrowth, you might be tempted to try an antifungal prescription. These can have unwanted side effects that involve the destruction of beneficial bacteria. Additionally, recent studies have shown that some of the Candida species have become resistant to these prescriptions. Candid-X provides an effective formula with botanical extracts that can address yeast overgrowth while also providing relief for inflammation. 

Some notable ingredients in this formula include:

Oregano: Oregano is more than a seasoning in your kitchen! Studies have been conducted into the antioxidant properties of this plant. As far as its effectiveness against Candida overgrowth, there was an in vitro study done in 2001. This study found that the oregano oil was effective in stopping the growth of the yeast. 

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is used in different products to address fungal infections. One study reported that cinnamon was able to break down the yeast overgrowth in the gut through the destruction of Candida’s biofilm. 

Chamomile: Chamomile is a great botanical ingredient that aids in reducing inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. Chamomile is also regarded as a digestive relaxant that addresses indigestion, diarrhea, and nausea. 

Ginger: Ginger has powerful compounds like gingerol and shagelol that can prohibit fungal growth. There is also a protein in the ginger plant that can be used against numerous types of fungi. 

Pau D’Arco: Based in the South American rainforests, the Pau D’Arco extract possess greater strength than other botanicals in addressing fungal and yeast overgrowth. Inflammation is also addressed by this extract, making it a great addition to the formula. 

Rosemary: You may have seen rosemary featured in a variety of other formulas in the supplement industry. This is because rosemary is such a potent antioxidant. Used for centuries as an antiseptic herb, rosemary supports inflammation reduction and immune health. 

Candid-X FAQs

What is the dosage for Candid-X?

The recommended dosage is 2 capsules three times per day.

Can you pour the powder out of the capsules and into a drink?

I do not recommend this, as the capsule needs to break up in the stomach for the best release into the intestines.

How do you know if you have too much yeast?

Some common side effects of the overproduction of yeast include bloating, gas, itchy rashes, or a coating on your tongue. 


Having an optimal gastrointestinal tract sometimes means making sure that any organisms that have destructive properties are properly removed from the body.  In other words…get rid of the junk in your trunk!  Preventing these harmful organisms from setting up shop in your GI tract can take different forms, from laser therapy to colon irrigation and fecal transplants. Before more invasive and expensive options, I suggest getting back to basics with diet and herbal support.  Sometimes, a simple and focused supplement formula is the best option for your symptoms. 

The formula in Paracid-X aims to remove the bad invaders (parasites or bacteria) and minimize any damage that could occur due to inflammation. Unlike other medicinal options, this formula comes with a decreased likelihood that negative side effects in your GI tract will happen. 

Some notable ingredients in this formula include:

Sweet Wormwood Herb: Wormwood has been known to improve digestion. The bitterness of wormwood helps stimulate digestion by increasing saliva and stomach acid production. 

Olive Leaf Extract: This ingredient boasts numerous benefits, from digestive system protection to antioxidant properties. The active ingredient “oleuropein” is said to be the source of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capabilities of the overall extract. 

Black Walnut Hull Powder: The tree bark of the Black Walnut tree contains chemicals called “tannins” which can reduce pain and swelling. Tree nuts are considered a major allergen in the US, so exercise caution if you have a tree nut allergy. This ingredient also promotes the destruction of dangerous toxins. 

Paracid-X FAQs

When should you take Paracid-X?

The suggested dosage for this product is one capsule three times per day.

Does this work on parasites?

Yes, the natural ingredients in this formula possess the ability to reduce parasitic infections. That is good news for you and bad news for parasites.


Pylori-X fights bacteria in your stomach and helps to prevent the onset of serious illness. Sounds like a superhero formula in a capsule, right? This is accomplished through the elimination of microbes that are known to upset your stomach and compromise viability and vitality. By making the stomach lining stronger, your stomach can better protect itself against outside invaders. 

Pylori infections are also associated with a higher risk of many different autoimmune diseases and cancer.

This is another example of a problem that could be solved with a prescription antibiotic. However, with more studies coming out about the negative side effects of overusing antibiotics, BioMatrix is providing an over-the-counter solution made from trusted botanicals and tested formulas. 

Some notable ingredients in this formula include:

Mastic Gum Extract: This extract comes from the sap in the Mastic tree. It is used for decreasing digestive tract inflammation as well as stomach pain and aches. This study looked at the effectiveness of utilizing mastic gum versus placebo for addressing stomach pain. 77% of patients receiving mastic gum showed significant improvement. 

Bismuth Citrate: The most notable benefit of this ingredient is its ability to stop the growth of H. pylori. It also acts as a barrier against H. pylori. It is commonly used with a prescription antibiotic. 

Berberine Hydrochloride Hydrate: With its roots in Chinese medicine, this ingredient has antimicrobial properties that can target the irritation caused by H. pylori. By targeting inflammation and irritation, this ingredient has provided significant improvement in a recent study

Pylori-X FAQs

How do you take pylori X?

The suggested use for this supplement is two capsules, two times per day.

What about Matula tea?

Matula tea is marketed as a one-time treatment for pylori. Unfortunately, because there are not many published, reputable studies that report its effectiveness, it may not be the best option. 

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Concluding Thoughts

Addressing your gastrointestinal health can be a lengthy and frustrating process. Symptoms can be cumbersome and uncomfortable (and information you find online isn’t always reliable). Companies like BioMatrix are able to address solutions with rigorously studied ingredients and formulas. Are you ready to take on the matrix of supplements to find a solution to better your wellness? Schedule a consult with me, Carly Neubert BA, NC.