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Get Back to Your Prime with MitoPrime!

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on February 28, 2024

Xymogen has been a reputable source of high quality medically-researched formulations for years. Whether you want to address an issue relating to physical health, overall wellness, or something else, there’s a good chance that Xymogen will have something for you to check out. 

Xymogen is a leader in the clinical-grade supplement industry. With products like Red Yeast Rice and CinnDromeX, Xymogen is not afraid to tackle an issue that the majority of Americans are affected by. This article will follow MitoPrime, a new product by Xymogen meant to address cognitive issues as well as provide antioxidant support for brain cells. 


The main ingredient in this formula is L-ergothioneine. This is a histamine derivative that is made through a fermentation process. Because L-ergothioneine cannot be produced within your body, it needs to be gathered through the diet. L-ergothioneine can be found in mushrooms and other foods in small amounts. Mushrooms provide the largest dietary source of L-ergothioneine. The suggested use for this formula is one capsule once or twice daily. 

L-ergothioneine is an antioxidant and Cytoprotectant. A cytoprotectant is a protein that is involved in the creation of antioxidants. You may have heard of it regarding gastrointestinal health - a cytoprotective drug can help prevent injury to your GI system by protecting the stomach lining from acid. 

MitoPrime has shown strong antioxidant activity in studies through its use of L-ergothioneine. Antioxidants are cell protectors. They have a large role in disease prevention and stopping free radicals from damaging your body. You can find antioxidants in many fruits and vegetables, but L-ergothioneine has special properties that go beyond the standard strawberry or nut. L-ergothioneine has been reported to decrease the rate by which oxidative stress shortens telomeres. This happens naturally as we age. Shorter telomeres have been linked to a greater risk of disease. 

L-ergothioneine has a relationship with oxidative stress-related diseases as well. Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are only a few diseases that researchers are studying that can benefit from L-ergothioneine supplements. According to a 2022 study L-ergothioneine may be the missing link in protecting cells from the damage of diabetes. 

MitoPrime also has shown benefits in addressing neurological health. Neurological disorders affecting Americans today include dementia, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and Parkinson’s. L-ergothioneine levels decrease over time. When individuals have neurologic/cognition issues, this level drops even lower. Studies have shown links between dementia and lower L-ergothioneine levels. With the high fertility rates of the 1950s and 1960s, we are seeing the Baby Boomer generation become the largest generation in America. There are expected to be more older adults than children in the coming years. This not only affects social structures, but impacts the financial, physical, and mental health of Americans. The cognitive links to L-ergothioneine are too large to ignore, as is the growing amount of Americans dealing with mental health or cognitive decline

L-ergothioneine also works to support healthy levels of glutathione. Curious about the importance of glutathione? Check out my previous blog post on it here. Glutathione is a master antioxidant that can protect the body against free radical damage. Glutathione can also play an essential role in the detoxification process. Lower levels of glutathione were found in alcoholics, smokers, and chronic liver disease patients.


What is the richest dietary source of ergothioneine?

The boletus edulis, otherwise known as porcini, mushroom is the the best dietary source of ergothioneine. 

What is ergothioneine?

Ergothioneine is a non-essential amino acid that has strong antioxidant properties. 

What is MitoPrime used for?

MitoPrime’s main ingredient L-ergothioneine is used for protecting brain cells from oxidative damage. Low ergothioneine has been correlated with dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases. It has also been shown as a protectant from oxidative damage to telomere length. 

What is Mito prime?

MitoPrime is a nootropic nutraceutical intended for brain health. 

What are the top 5 neurological disorders?

The top 5 most reported neurological disorders are headaches, epilepsy, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. 

What are examples of neurologic disorders?

Neurological disorders affect varying aspects of your nervous system. Common symptoms across all neurological disorders are muscle weakness, balance issues, pain, confusion, and poor coordination. 

Additional Readings

Glutathione has been rigorously studied in previous years for its ability to aid in the treatment of chronic illnesses. For example, a 2022 study looked into the role that glutathione plays in therapeutic treatments of chronic illnesses in older populations. 

Concluding Thoughts

With the health changes that America is facing, supplement companies have answered the call and created new ways to provide value to supplement users. Whether it be through new formulas or ingredients, the customer-centric goal of Xymogen is shown through each item they manufacture. It is my hope that we not only learn more through these generational changes but create a world where anyone can access information related to improving their own health. If you’d like to start this journey, Schedule a consult with me, Carly Neubert BA, NC.