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Healing Leaky Gut The Right Way: UltraInflamX

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on March 28, 2017

Hippocrates Quote

 What Causes Leaky Gut?

Hippocrates may have been correct when he stated: “All disease begins in the gut.” 

The gut is the epicenter of the immune system. Over 80% of all of your immune cells live in your gut. If you have strong gastrointestinal health, then you can rest assured that you have a strong immune system. But in reality, over 70 million people suffer from some kind of digestive issue. The most common issue is leaky gut. There are several important steps for managing and improving your gastrointestinal health. As a first step, I recommend a supplement like UltraInflamX medical food with an anti-inflammatory diet.  

As I have discussed in past articles, leaky gut is a result of our modern toxic diet and lifestyle. The intestinal lining is designed to act as a barrier. It should keep large molecules and food particles in the digestive tract until they are completely broken down and assimilated. But if the intestinal lining has holes, or loose spaces, large molecules leak into the bloodstream. Hence the name "leaky gut" which perfectly describes this problem.  

A leaky gut results in multiple food allergies and sensitivities. Additionally, a leaky gut causes major immune system problems. In essence the immune system and its cells are activated and stuck in the "on" position for too long. This process inevitably causes immune function to decrease and many varied symptoms to emerge.  

How Do You Heal A Leaky Gut?

The most common symptoms of leaky gut and poor immune function are gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation, and fatigue following meals. These are all indicators that your gut is leaky and causing inflammation throughout your body.  

Whether you are dealing with leaky gut or another inflammatory issue, it is important to reduce your exposures.

Sources of Inflammation Exposure

You are exposed to sources of inflammation through diet, air, water, cosmetics, and chemical cleaners. In other words, sources of inflammation are surrounding you at all times. It is your responsibility to reduce exposures where you can. The foods in your diet can either cause or reduce overall inflammation.  

Functional foods are an integral part of managing inflammation in the gut. These are foods that have high nutritional value and important therapeutic nutrients. Protein shakes fall into this category, but not all shakes are made from high quality ingredients. In fact, some protein shakes can actually be damaging to the gut. 

A protein shake should have a high quality protein source. Rice protein is easy to digest and it is uncommon to have an allergy or sensitivity to the molecules in rice protein. Other protein sources such as whey (cow's milk protein) and soy can cause additional inflammation in the gut. This inflammation occurs because both soy and whey proteins are complex molecules which makes them very hard to digest. Additionally, soy protein is made from genetically-modified soy beans which may cause long term health problems. Whey protein often comes from cows that have been fed antibiotics and hormones. These chemicals are passed onto you when you drink a protein shake and will increase inflammation in your gut.  

I often have clients who tell me that they don't like protein shakes because they feel sick every time they drink one. Once they switch to a hypoallergenic protein, they don't encounter this problem again.  

But how does UltraInflamX taste?

Protein shakes don't always taste like a milk shake! If they did, then you wouldn't mind drinking one for every meal. It is important to find a shake that you like so that you will continue to drink it as recommended. It is difficult to produce a taste that everyone likes, but the taste of UltraInflamX medical food is quite palatable. It is lightly sweetened and tastes even better when added to coconut milk. 

One of the most helpful ingredients in UltraInflamX is the CurQfen. This is a clinically studied curcumin blend. No anti-inflammatory program would be complete without curcumin. I have discussed many times the benefit of curcumin to fight any type of inflammatory process. Curcumin can quench the inflammation in your gut just as well as it quells the pain in your joints. 

How Long Does It Take To Heal A Leaky Gut?

UltraInflamX is a functional food that is intended for healing and rebuilding the intestinal lining. Once the gut is healed, your body will maintain a healthy bacterial balance and your symptoms will decrease.  

I recommend using this functional food protein shake for 28 days along with an anti-inflammatory diet.

How Long Does It Take To Heal Leaky Gut?

Is It Worth The Cost?

If you are considering the purchase of UltraInflamX medical food, but are startled by the price, consider the following:

1. A serving of UltraInflamx can serve as a meal replacement because it contains both protein and carbohydrates.  

2. One serving also includes 25%-50% of the Recommended Daily Intake of vitamins and minerals.  If you use it 2 times per day, as recommended, you are basically getting your full daily servings of vitamins and minerals from UltraInflamX.

3. UltraInflamX also contains soothing and healing ingredients to address the symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Leaky Gut.  

When you are buying UltraInflamX you are getting 3 benefits--- a meal, daily vitamin mineral intake, and gut healing---in one shake.

Getting healthy can be expensive in the short term, but really pays dividends in the long run. 

For Even Faster Results:

Faster Gut Healing Results

By the time my clients get to me, they have usually been suffering for quite awhile. Often they have been taking Prilosec or Tums which further damages their intestinal lining. I usually recommend a companion product GI Sustain to help speed up their healing process and help counteract the damage that has been done. While UltraInflamX medical food provides curcumin to reduce inflammation, GI Sustain provides glutamine (an amino acid) to rebuild your damaged intestinal cells.

Do You Need Help Getting Started? 

Suffering from bloating, gas, and fatigue may seem commonplace and even normal for you. However, these are signs that there is something amiss in the gut and the immune system. You can combat leaky gut and inflammation with diet, functional foods, and therapeutic nutrients.  

I have definitely felt the pain and inconvenience of digestive problems. Do you need help getting started? Set up a consultation with me, Carly Neubert BA, NC to establish your personalized protocol as soon as possible!

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