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Lavela WS 1265 For Addressing Relaxation and Anxiety Relief

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on January 04, 2023

Check out my blog about some other formulas from Integrative Therapeutics and an overview of the company. I'll focus less on the brand Integrative Therapeutics as a whole and more on one of their popular formulas, Lavela WS 1265. 

What is Lavela?

Lavela is an essential oil supplement intended for relaxation and addressing occasional feelings of anxiety. Clinical research has verified that it is a non-habit-forming supplement that can promote feelings of relaxation, restful sleep, and calm nervousness. 

Lavender has been used throughout history for many different purposes. Ancient Egyptians used lavender for the mummification process and for perfume. In Roman times, it was recognized as a healing herb with antiseptic properties. Ancient Greeks used lavender to heal back aches and address insomnia. Today, we see lavender primarily in the aromatherapy industry. Lavender essential oils are formed when the top of the lavender plant is steam-distilled. Did you know that it takes nearly 120-130 pounds of lavender flowers to get 1 lb of lavender essential oil?

Something that sets Integrative Therapeutics' Lavela apart from other lavender essential oil supplements is that their essential oil (Silexan) has been used in clinical trials extensively to demonstrate its effectiveness and safety. In the studies I list at the end of the blog post, they found that nervousness was reduced over a month compared to the placebo given. Additionally, studies showed that restful sleep was supported when participants were experiencing occasional periods of anxiety. Another important factor to consider is how lavender essential oil is created in the first place. They may all smell lovely and fresh, but the harvesting techniques may vary along with the quality of the plant itself. You can rest assured that Integrative Therapeutics uses not only high-quality plants but superior harvesting techniques. 

The suggested use set by Integrative Therapeutics for Lavela is one softgel once or twice daily with a glass of water. Lavela can be taken with or without food. While “lavender burps” can be common, that does not mean that the product is losing effectiveness or that it is causing additional issues. I recommend taking the softgel with food to decrease the likelihood of “lavender burps.”


How does lavender address anxiety?

Linalool is a natural plant component in lavender that affects the nervous system, causing relaxation. Silexan is the main ingredient in Integrative Therapeutics Lavela WS. Silexan is a standardized lavender extract containing 70% linalool and linalyl acetate. Linalool binds to the serotonin transporter and interacts with the glutamate NMDA-receptor to induce a parasympathetic relaxation response.

Are lavender pills effective?

Yes, lavender pills have been proven effective to reduce anxiety and depression in several studies. One study showed it was just as effective as .5mg of lorazepam. It's important to make sure your lavender pills are a standardized extract like Silexan found in Lavela WS.  

What are the most common uses for lavender?

The most common uses of lavender are for aromatherapy, massage, inhalation, nebulizing, and taking orally. Lavender’s plant superpower is to relax the nervous system.  It is also used topically for minor cuts, skin ailments like candida, yeast, fungus, acne, sun burns, and eczema. Integrative Therapeutics Lavela is taken internally and is used specifically to activate a parasympathetic relaxation response.

Who should not use lavender oil?

Lavender is relaxing to the nervous systems and reduces some brain chemicals. If you are taking any medications that cause drowsiness (benzodiazepines or barbiturates), you should not combine them with lavender.  

Does lavender make you sleepy?

Products with lavender or lavender oil are marketed for sleeping. These products contain lavender oil that is absorbed through your nose and goes quickly to your brain through the olfactory nerve. This can causes a quick relaxation and even sleepiness. Taking oral lavender oil in Lavela WS works much more slowly and over a longer time period. It produces a relaxation response without grogginess or sleepiness.

What are the healing properties of lavender?

Linalool is the plant component that helps the nervous system deal with depression and anxiety. Beta-caryophyllene is the plant nutrient that helps to heal skin by reducing inflammation and numbing pain. 

Concluding Thoughts

With anxiety in Americans increasing, mental health has quickly become one of the most important aspects of health and wellness. With the taboos of mental health going away, we can more clearly address the climbing numbers of anxiety and depression in our peers. While Lavela is not intended to replace anxiety medications, it has provided users with sleep support in times of occasional anxiety and feelings of relaxation. If you’re interested in how Lavela can support your sleep or well-being, Schedule a consult with me, Carly Neubert BA, NC.




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