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Metagenics Wellness Essentials: All Your Questions Answered

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on August 24, 2022

If we have learned anything from COVID-19, it is that we need to focus on our wellness as individuals as well as a collective group in society. Wellness can have many definitions, each one specific to every individual. For some, wellness may simply mean getting through the day. For others, wellness can mean athleticism and peak physical performance. Whatever your own definition of “wellness,” Metagenics has honed in on that idea in their Wellness Essentials collection. 


The supplement world can be full of misleading information and unproven claims of optimal health. Metagenics knows this and prioritizes their rigorous testing and transparency to health seekers. They are so confident in their testing that you can look up the lot number on their website and they will provide you with the testing information for that product. That means you can be assured that all of the ingredients in your supplements have been tested. By setting high standards in patient assistance and care through high-quality supplements and formulas, Metagenics truly is a company to support and follow. I love it so much, I have dedicated two whole blogs posts to their products Glutagenics and Adreset.

The Wellness Essentials products that I will be focusing on today provide a new way to address your overall wellness. In each kit, there is a packet of supplements for daily use. This makes the process of taking your capsules each day extremely easy to implement in your busy daily schedule. 

Wellness Essentials

The first product in this collection is the Wellness Essentials formula. A multi-vitamin will ensure that you are getting the minimum daily intake of nutrients.  Each packet of capsules includes immune, neurological, heart, mood, and overall health support. This is achieved through the utilization of an array of ingredients from Vitamin K to EPA/DHA. This kit also includes the foundation which the other kits utilize as well: PhytoMulti and OmegaGenics EPA-DHA. This option is a great way to begin using the Wellness Essentials kits. 

Wellness Essentials for Women

This formula brings in the aspects described above, and also focuses on issues that primarily affect women. It includes the PhytoMulti and OmegaGenics EPA/DHA that are found in the original Wellness Essentials packets. On top of the multifaceted health support in in the Phytomulti, this formula brings in bone density support. Women are more likely to suffer from low bone density, or even osteoporosis, as they naturally age. This is due to the differences in the biological aspects of men’s and women’s bodies. The National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) has placed statistics on this phenomenon. They have estimated that there are 9.1 million women with osteoporosis and 26 million with low bone mass. However, for men, the numbers are significantly less. There are approximately 2.8 million men with osteoporosis and 14.4 million with low bone mass. Cal Apatite Bone Builder Extra Strength is an effective way to address bone health, as it is made up of a compound of ingredients like calcium, trace minerals, and other bone growth factors. 

Wellness Essentials Women’s Prime

Building off of the previous formula, Metagenics created a formula to optimize the health and vibrancy of women in early menopause. Because metabolism, heart health, and bone health all need boosts during this time, Metagenics included ingredients like their proprietary phytonutrient blend, which includes coffee beans, grape seed extract, and green tea leaf extract. 

Wellness Essentials Men’s Vitality

This formula focuses on men’s health, as described in the title. This formula focuses on aspects related to prostate, testosterone, and libido support. Healthy sexual function for the male body includes support of the libido as well as overall vitality. This is achieved by the addition of the HisSynergy supplement by Metagenics. The key ingredient in HisSynergy is Tribulus fruit. This is an herb used to evoke a healthy male response in users. Another male-focused supplement in this kit is Testralin. This supplement is meant for men 40 years and older and provides support for a healthy balance of testosterone and estrogen metabolism. This balance influences the sex drive in a male and the production of sperm. This kit is then rounded out with a multifaceted health support supplement, PhytoMulti. PhytoMulti not only benefits overall physical wellness with 13 concentrated extracts and phytonutrients, but it also helps cellular health!

Wellness Essentials Healthy Balance

“A healthy balance” in Wellness Essentials Healthy Balance means a healthy balance of blood sugar levels. More than 100 million Americans deal with diabetes or prediabetes. The two unique formulations in this kit are MetaGlycemX and Meta Lipoate 100. MetaGlycemX works with a healthy diet to support already healthy insulin levels. Oxidative stress is reduced through the use of cinnamon compounds. Oxidative stress occurrence along with obesity can be linked to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Meta Lipoate 100 on the other hand, focuses more on using alpha-lipoic acid to deliver insulin functional support. Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant that reverses nerve damage. It has also been used for other conditions like type 2 diabetes. It can improve insulin resistance as well as nerve pain that may result from diabetes. 

Wellness Essentials Active

Being active is something that we can all do to improve our health and wellness. For some, however, this may come with joint pain (especially in colder months). This kit is focused on support for those who are active and seeking adventure - whether it be an everyday walk or something more strenuous. Joint relief and support are the primary benefits of this kit with the additions of Kaprex and ChondroCare. Kaprex provides joint relief through its proprietary blend of kinase response modulators (SKRMs). SKRMs are proteins that control cellular behavior. In this instance, the SKRMs are affecting the way that kinases impact inflammation levels. ChondroCare is another formula that supports healthy joints, but there is more of a focus on glucosamine sulfate. Glucosamine sulfate has been used in recent studies to analyze the effect on arthritis and osteoporosis. 

Concluding Thoughts...

Through our own individual journeys through nutrition and lifestyle optimization, we are all ultimately looking to improve our own wellness. These kits created by  Metagenics make that goal a little more attainable through their convenience and effectiveness. For more information on how you can include these Wellness Essentials kits in your schedule, or for more information on an individual product in one of the kits, Schedule a consult with me, Carly Neubert BA, NC.