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Natura Health Products: Tranquility and Vital Adapt

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on June 19, 2019

Modern medicine is called such for a reason. It’s new. All of our well known medical practices, medications, supplements, and techniques for achieving top health have essentially come about in the last 50-100 years. However, humans have obviously survived thus far, so what did we do before that time to treat our ailments?

As it happens, human beings have always cared just as much in past times as modern times, if not more, about their health, healing, and well being. Even without the technology available to us today, we learned over thousands of years that nature is full of healthful gifts, waiting to be discovered and bestowed upon us. Herbal healing is nearly as old as the human race itself, and over time, has proven to be equally as effective.

Introducing Natura Health Products

It seems clear that we would replace the simplicities of nature with our carefully engineered modern medicines and scientific research. However, professionals have arisen who have found a way to combine the offerings of nature with the validation of science. That’s where Natura Health comes in. Natura Health Products are “distinguished by their exceptional grade of purity, potency, and effectiveness.” Their formulas “feature a synergy of select botanical and nutritional ingredients that support the body’s biochemical processes to encourage optimal health.”

Natura Health creates its products through the use of botanicals. These are elements in nature that direct certain processes in your body function in the most optimal way, including the function of all organs and systems. Botanicals are made that much more powerful when combined with nutrients. According to Natura Health Products’ Website, “a single herb or nutrient may lead to an improvement in symptoms, but the overall results often fall short of what can be achieved when one or more combination formulas are used.”

Rather than using chemicals to force the body into these processes or provide additives the body doesn’t need, raw nutrients provide the body with the fuel and means it needs to perform essential functions. In contrast to modern medicines, “combination formulas offer enhanced effectiveness especially for the variety of complex issues clinicians are faced with today in their patients.”

Natura's Top Products

Being a top provider of high quality botanical and nutrient combination products, Natura Health Products sells exclusively to healthcare professionals and their patients through referral. Natura Health will only sell their products in brick and mortar structures if there are qualified healthcare professionals on offer. If you want personalized advice for implementing Vital Adapt or any other formula, please schedule an appointment with Carly Neubert, BA, NC.

One of Natura’s most highly recommended products is Natura Tranquility. If you can’t find a solution to calm your restless mind and start sleeping through the night, Natura Health Products’ Tranquility may well be the fix for you. Formulated with 7 key ingredients including nervine tonics, relaxants, botanicals, and amino acids, Tranquility is carefully built to provide the best possible support for maintenance of your nervous system while promoting relaxation and healthy sleep.

Another popular natural product they offer is Throat & Gland herbal spray. It’s especially useful during those months when allergens are rampant in our environments, and the spray itself supports throat tissue health, encourages a healthy immune response, and promotes healthy microbial balance. Through the use of botanicals, Throat & Gland spray not only provides relief, but it helps your body adapt to the changes in the seasons and handle allergens more efficiently in the future.

Perhaps one of Natura Health Products’ most popular and beneficial products is Natura Vital Adapt. Natura Vital Adapt is a liquid tincture that nourishes adrenal and endocrine function, improves energy and well-being, and optimizes stress protection and resilience. In other words, this herbal tonic was specifically designed to optimize the body’s natural resistance to stressful influences. At the same time, it promotes longevity, health, and wellbeing. Natura Vital Adapt’s effectiveness comes from the presence of adaptogens in the tonic.

Adaptogens Explained

What is an adaptogen? In effect, adaptogens offer foundational support to our body’s ability to withstand stress. This, in turn, affects health, longevity, and wellbeing, both mental and physical. This special grouping of botanical medicines calms the adrenal stress response. In other words, adaptogens help normalize the fight or flight response. Anciently, we are instilled with the instinct to know when to run from a predator or when to hunt for food. However, the body cannot distinguish the difference between the stress associated with an oncoming saber-toothed tiger attack and the stress associated with a traffic jam. Thus, the adrenal glands produce hormones that trigger a stress response in the brain when we are faced with these situations, and that constant stress can be destructive over time.

Adaptogens are a foundational botanical of Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines. Adaptogens have also been known in past times as longevity tonics. Part of the reasoning behind these substances coming from plants makes perfect sense. Plants cannot run away from a predator or hide from an incoming snow storm. They evolved to develop protective chemical compounds called secondary metabolites. According to Natura Health Products’ Website,

“herbal adaptogens buffer the effects of stress by restoring homeostasis (balance), optimizing metabolism, and encouraging healthy immune response. All of these actions help to reestablish physiological balance and allow health and vitality to flourish. Adaptogens are non-toxic, even with long-term use. These herbs are safe and gentle and provide foundational support for any health-promoting supplementation protocol.”

Natura Vital Adapt

Now that you know a little bit about the science behind Natura Vital Adapt, what exactly are some of the benefits? For starters, the botanical extracts featured in Vital Adapt are quite potent. Many of these are well-known herbs in the botanical world, such as Eleuthero, Rhodiola, Schizandra, and Ashwagandha. Science has shown that combination formulas of botanicals are increasingly more effective working in conjunction with one another than just a single botanical or nutrient alone.

Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng), quite possibly the most extensively studied botanical herb, has shown that through use, it increases the body’s ability to withstand adverse physical conditions. Schisandra, a fruit, is a foundational element of ancient medicines. The extract is derived not only from the fruit but also from its seeds, making it that much more potent. It plays an interesting role in Natura’s Vital Adapt: “The seed extract paired with the fruit extract offers the unique property of stimulating the central nervous system without causing over-excitation. This translates into a balanced, strong and enduring sense of mental and physical vitality.”

Other botanicals and nutrients included in Natura Vital Adapt are Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, Cordyceps, Reishi, Green Tea, and Turmeric. These all range in uses from the promotion of a healthy brain and immune system and hormonal balance to optimizing metabolic efficiency and physical vitality and stamina.

Interestingly, Cordyceps and Reishi, both mushrooms, “nourish the kidney energy system and support adrenal function. They also help to protect the body when it is subject to environmental challenges.” As a whole. Each of these botanicals and nutrients work together to promote resilience and fast response to stressful situations while ensuring longevity, health, and wellbeing.

Through the use of adaptogens, the body learns to adapt to this stressful environment so that when situations arise, we are better equipped to handle anything that’s being thrown at us.

Side Effects and Reviews

Vital Adapt is a “broad spectrum revitalizing formula that improves stress protection, supports healthy endocrine function, and promotes wellness and longevity.” It is not meant to be excitatory or stimulating in any way. There are some concerns associated with the licorice in Natura Vital Adapt. High doses of licorice extract may raise blood pressure. Licorice has a longstanding place in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is found in over 50% of traditional herbal and botanical formulas.

Licorice makes up just below 3% of Natura Vital Adapt’s formula, and taken with the correct and recommended dosage, this is not enough to induce a rise in blood pressure. Additionally, though Natura Vital Adapt contains grain alcohol as another ingredient, it is completely gluten-free and safe to take for those with gluten allergies. The alcohol is heated during the distillation process and it becomes a gas, leaving behind any grain components that may cause allergic reactions.

Not known to have any specific risks, the benefits of Natura Vital Adapt far outweigh and soothe over any worries associated with the product. Reviewed in the Price Pottenger Journal, David J. Getoff, CTN, CCN, FAAIM, says of Natura’s Vital Adapt,

“although there are many single adaptogenic herbs on the market—rhodiola, ashwagandha, and the ginsengs, for example—I have never found one that comes close to the effectiveness of the Natura formulas. These herbs are nontoxic in recommended doses and have a normalizing effect on the body. They should be taken four to six weeks before a stressful season or event. If you only start taking them a few days beforehand, you may not notice any difference in how you feel. That is why I take adaptogens daily—so they will serve me when the time is right.”’

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Kate Brainard says of the product,

“This is a five star formula that I have had great success with for clients and myself. This blend of adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms works quickly to rejuvenate burned out adrenals. Feeding your adrenal glands with Vital Adapt can help improve sleep and energy and offer an enhanced ability to cope with daily stress. I highly recommend Vital Adapt to those that are feeling lethargic, stressed out and looking for a jump start to getting a daily lift and achieving your potential.”


Though modern medicine has a tried and true place in our society, we need not forget about the gifts of nature that are as long-standing as the human race itself. Botanicals and herbs have been used and trusted by billions over thousands of years as the solutions to the ailments and issues we have faced and currently face.

Natura Health Vital Adapt combines the best of both worlds, taking the best from ancient herbal medicine and modern medical scientific advancements, to create not only this sleep support supplement, but an entire supply of other products that provide the best possible chance for you to achieve health, longevity, and wellbeing. If you’re stressed, if you’re tired, if you’re out of options, if you want to be healthier, try Natura Vital Adapt stress relief supplements and adaptogen supplements today. You won’t regret it.

 In health,

Carly Neubert BA, NC

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