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Product Highlight - Genestra HMF

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on June 16, 2021

Genestra probiotics are set apart from all other probiotics because they utilize Tri-phase and Stability Max technology to ensure that your probiotics actually stay viable (alive) when they reach your digestive tract. Their most popular formulas are, HMF Forte, Intensive, Fit for School and HMF Metabolic. This blog will provide an overview of the supplement company Genestra, what Genestra’s HMF probiotics are, and how they can support a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Health trends go in and out of style, but one thing that will never go out of fashion is mastering your microbiome.  In 2007 the Human Microbiome Project was launched to sequence the genetics of the microbial flora in the human digestive tract.  What they discovered surprised even the most seasoned researchers.  Microbial cells (probiotics and bad-guys) actually outnumber human cells by 300%.   For every one human cell, there are 3 microbial cells inside your digestive tract.  Research emerges almost daily showing how your microbiome is linked to almost every disease state.  Additionally research is proving how probiotics can prevent and treat disease.  Besides a healthy diet, tending to your microbiome is quite possibly the best strategy for your health and longevity.

What is Genestra? 

Genestra's goal is to support individualized treatment plans through their supplement product offerings. They emphasize the values of quality, consistency, and reliability at the highest levels. They currently have over 350 professional-grade products that are backed by clinical and traditional evidence. Their probiotics are backed by 20 years of clinical evidence. Genestra formulates their probiotic combinations based on research. They offer condition-specific formulas that utilize probiotic strains that have been proven to alleviate symptoms or address certain diseases. Although this blog will focus largely on Genestra’s HMF probiotic supplements, they offer products in a variety of formats and attend to a variety of health needs.

Can Genestra Be Trusted?

As a brand, Genestra prides itself on creating potent, high-quality products that are backed by clinical evidence. The HMF probiotics specifically are backed by extensive clinical research and utilize TriPhase and Stability Max technology to ensure potency and product stability regardless of storage conditions. Genestra also aims to provide supplements that fit all ages and life stages; their products come in many different forms like capsules, powders, and chewable tablets. Because of this, many have considered Genestra to be a reliable brand for over 30 years.

Is Genestra a Canadian company?

In late 2017, the company Nestle agreed to purchase the Canadian company Atrium Innovations. This company is the current global leader in nutritional supplements and health products and owns both Pure Encapsulations and Genestra. Since the deal, both of these companies are associated with the Nestle brand, however, Genestra appears to have maintained their own current branding and product production.

What are HMF probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria that live in your intestinal tract and play a huge role in supporting healthy digestion, promoting a  high-functioning immune system, and preventing inflammation. Though these beneficial bacteria exist in the body naturally, they can become depleted due to age, medication use, lifestyle or dietary changes, stress, or traveling and can cause multiple health complications. Probiotics are a great way to replenish this bacteria and can support health in individuals of all ages. 

Genestra Human MicroFlora (or HMF) probiotics are a range of safe and effective strains that can be used for an array of individualized, yet condition-specific, treatments. These probiotics are crafted based on research from clinical trials to provide the best intestinal tract carriage.

What kinds of HMF probiotics does Genestra offer?

Genestra’s HMF Forte is a combination of four strains of clinically-sourced probiotics that promote gastrointestinal health in both adults and children. This product aims to support the growth of the beneficial intestinal bacteria mentioned above. The probiotic formula comes in the form of 60 or 120 vegetarian capsules. The recommended dosage is one capsule, two times daily or as recommended by a health professional.

HMF Intensive is another clinically researched probiotic formula. It consists of a combination of probiotics demonstrated to improve gastrointestinal health and comfort. This is a slightly more concentrated formula than the HMF Forte, containing 25 billion colony forming units (CFU), compared to 20 billion CFU. According to Genestra, clinical trials have found that daily supplementation with HMF Intensive probiotic formula helped support a healthy microflora composition.

HMF Fit For School is a specially designed probiotic strain to improve upper respiratory tract health in children. This product, like many of the other HMF formulas is research driven, plus it includes 50mg vitamin C per serving to support immune function. This formula comes in a chewable tablet form, of which the recommended dosage is one daily. In fact, in a recent clinical trial, 57 schoolchildren were either given a placebo tablet or the HMF Fit For School probiotic formula. At the end of the study, children in the latter group experienced significant improvement in upper respiratory tract health.


Does HMF Forte need to be refrigerated? 

HMF Forte is formulated to withstand up to six months without refrigeration. However, if you want to store them for prolonged periods of time, refrigerating or freezing is recommended.

 All in all, if you’re looking for an impactful component of a healthy diet, probiotics are the perfect suggestion, and Genestra offers an expansive and well-tested variety. Click here to peruse some of the HMF supplements we recommend. You are likely to find a condition-specific formula for your health goals.  To learn more about more ways to improve your immune health, check out this blog. You can also visit this Digestion Blog for a primer on how your digestive tract functions and affects your health.