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by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on May 25, 2022

Thorne is seen to many as the best of the best, a truly professional company that puts their customers first. I first wrote about Thorne in December of 2019, and my positive feelings towards the brand have not changed in the slightest! Not only does Thorne keep up with the latest breakthroughs in scientific and academic studies, but they provide quality supplements for a multitude of scenarios - from digestion aides to prenatal care. 

Thorne Today

Today Thorne continues to be an innovative and well-informed supplement brand. They are branching out into new industries of healthcare, like 2-D printing and health intelligence! They are also partnering with 11 US Teams and 100+ professional teams. These athletic champions chose Thorne because of their performance in leading the supplement industry. The formulas that athletes love have been thoroughly tested for any ingredients that are illegal in professional athletics. With all of these partnerships and innovations, they have continued to develop their products for everyone, not just athletes. These include some great new formulas that I will explain below. 

Collagen Plus

The youthful glow has been all the rage for generations. Did you know in Ancient Egypt, women used castor and sesame seed oils to fight wrinkles and preserve their youthfulness? Today, you don’t see people putting those oils on their faces, but you do see an increased use of collagen! Collagen is a building block of skin, tissues, and bones. It provides the strength, structure, and function needed for skin to be, well, skin! Rich in peptides, supplements like Hair, Skin, and Nails capsules, and Collagen Powders can assist and nourish the elasticity of your skin. 

One of the ingredients in this formula is MitoHeal®. MitoHeal® is a patented blend that has been studied rigorously for its effects on reducing visible signs of aging. SpecNova is the company that originally patented the formula. In a double blind placebo-controlled study, using 500mg a day of MitoHeal® showed benefits like strengthened hair, skin, and nails; reduction of wrinkles and fine lines; mood response; and improved skin coarseness. 

Another important ingredient in this formula is HydroPeach™. This ingredient is derived from Japanese peaches, and can help reduce any dry or rough skin. Smooth and vibrant skin is this ingredient’s mission. This is accomplished by enhancing the overall permeability of the skin, allowing for more moisture to come in. This is selective permeability, however, because UV rays and pollution cannot enter. 

DIM Advantage

Estrogen is commonly known for its role in sexual and reproductive health. However, many people don’t know that Estrogen also helps with cognitive health! Thorne’s DIM Advantage formula can be advantageous for both men and women. Estrogen that is not metabolized properly in the body can result in low energy, mood changes, imbalances of other hormones, and weight gain. For women, this formula can support a monthly cycle transition that is smooth and leads to less mood changes, breast tenderness, and other PMS symptoms. In the long-term, this formula has the ability to give support to breast, uterine, and cervical health. For men, however, the benefits are different. This is because men produce lower amounts of estrogen and progesterone. The wellness benefits for men include an enhancement of testosterone levels, optimizes the ratio between estrogen and testosterone, and reduces the activation of estrogen receptors in areas that have increased breast and erectile tissue. 


Stressed from a tech-crazy society? Feeling like your brain and eyes are mush after sitting in front of your laptop all day? I get it, Thorne gets it too! That’s why they created this Memoractiv formula. Memory, attention, creativity, and concentration boosts are only a few benefits. This formula also includes Ashwagandha, which can give your body a healthy response to stress. The nutrients in this formula give your brain the support to unlock its full potential.   

Niacel® 200

Like I mentioned above, we are living in a tech-crazy society. From late nights finishing work to an unbalanced diet, we have constant exposure to things that can have a detrimental effect on our natural aging process and overall cognition. The enzyme NAD+ is depleted heavily when exposed to these lifestyle factors, which can reduce overall vitality and vibrancy in life. NAD+ stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. Thorne compares it to the fuel in a gas tank. The levels of your cellular energy creation each day as well as the sleep cycle regulation are affected by NAD+. Not having these two things regulated can result in effects in your professional life as well as your personal life. Recent results of studies have shown that NAD+ precursors can have a powerful effect on degenerative diseases.


What is Thorne good for?

Thorne Research was founded over 30 years ago. The brand was built because the founders were frustrated with low quality products and formulas. They decided to build a brand and formulas that were superior in quality, manufacturing procedures, and clinical research. They knew that by doing this, they would become a “thorn” in the side of lower quality supplement brands.  

Is Thorne a good company?

Thorne is an excellent company based on pure ingredients, clean manufacturing, and scientific dosing.   

Is Thorne FDA approved?

All supplements are regulated by the FDA as food, not drugs. Thorne complies with the FDA’s regulations for manufacturing and labeling dietary supplements.

Are Thorne supplements made in China?

No, Thorne supplements are manufactured in Summerville, South Carolina in the United States. The facility is cGmp certified which means a third party regulatory body ensures that Thorne is following good manufacturing procedures. The facility also holds the NSF certification which allows them to produce certified sports products for national teams and athletes of the NBA, NFL, and UFC. Thorne products are also certified and receive an “A” rating from the Australian Therapeutic Good’s Administration. Thorne is the first American supplement company to receive this certification.  

Concluding Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a cognitive boost, a hormone regulator, or a dietary supplement for a vegan diet, Thorne has the formula for you. Through their constant innovations and scientific studies, they have become a leader in the supplement industry. They are branching out into all aspects of the supplement, healthcare, and exercise world. Not only are they responsible for creating a quality product, but they also keep their offerings adaptable and flexible to what their customer base is asking for. I am proud to be a part of their journey, and you should too! Are you interested in learning more about Thorne and getting all your burning product questions answered? Schedule a consult with me, Carly Neubert BA, NC.