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VesselMax for Your Vasomotor Tone

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on January 31, 2024


Vasomotor tone! Never heard of it before? What about VesselMax? The goal of this blog is to give some insight about Ortho Molecular’s VesselMax which works on all things vessel related, including your Vasomotor tone! Often when people think of cardiovascular health, they think about their heart. While this is certainly central to your cardiovascular system, your cardiovascular system also includes your veins, your blood, and your blood vessels. Ortho Molecular’s VesselMax works at the core layers of this system. VesselMax has been carefully crafted to promote healthy microcirculation and support vascular strength and tone. 

Microcirculation is essentially the final destination of the cardiovascular system. Microcirculation refers to the process of getting oxygenated blood to the various tissues/organs that are in need. Your body needs that oxygen in order to function in a healthy way. Your blood vessels are hard at work, in order to do their job properly they need a balance of both rest and contraction. Vasomotor tone is the name assigned to this phenomenon, put simply – your heart acts like a pump to push and pull blood through your vascular system.  All of the interactions that control both the relaxation and contraction of blood vessels results in that ‘vasomotor tone’. Strengthening these processes means strengthening the delivery of oxygen to vital tissues and organs which can help you feel better overall!

The Ingredients

Ortho Molecular has approached the challenge of strengthening this beautifully complex system with a powerful blend of botanical extracts. The botanicals found in VesselMax work synergistically, meaning that they benefit and bring out the best in each other. The four shining stars included in VesselMax are: Diosmin, Troxerutin, Gotu Kola, and Horse Chestnut Extract.


Diosmin comes from citrus rinds, but then goes through ‘micronization’ which creates microscopic particles that allow for rapid, efficient delivery of this helpful bioflavonoid to the bloodstream and inner lining of veins. This plays a role in supporting the impact that norepinephrine has on the vessel wall, which in turn promotes venous tone. Diosmin also helps improve lymphatic drainage, among other positive balancing of inflammation. Essentially, Diosmin helps make sure that everything gets moving!


Troxerutin can be isolated from tea, coffee and vegetables. Troxerutin is a naturally occurring flavonoid that can assist Diosmin in maintaining a normal inflammatory balance. This ingredient also has a strong antioxidant capacity. The nutrients in troxerutin promote healthy microcirculation and protect endothelial cells from oxidative stress. An oxidative stress study published in 2021 outlined the dangers of oxidative stress on endothelial cells. Endothelial cells aid in various vascular functions and oxidative stress can completely disrupt their important work and instead gears the body towards inflammation and deterioration. Troxerutin is a strong addition to VesselMax as it can fight against those harmful imbalances.

Gotu Kola

Gotu kola is a plant that is found throughout India and the whole of it has been used for a variety of health benefits. In this case, gotu kola is included because of the triterpene saponins that are found within. Triterpene saponins provide vascular benefits – most notably, gotu kola has been shown to improve microcirculation and promote healthy capillary permeability. Healthy venous structure, and normal tissue repair are additional benefits of this unique plant. Collagen synthesis is stimulated by gotu kola which makes the lists of benefits quite long!

Horse Chestnut Extract

The seed extracts of horse chestnut extract are rich in beneficial phytocompounds. Aescin is the chief of them all. Aescin is what gives the herb its ability to promote healthy venous tone (which also helps keep microcirculation healthy), normal lymph draining and overall favorable blood flow dynamics. Keeping veins and capillaries happy is a strength of horse chestnut extract which makes it an important part of Ortho Molecular’s VesselMax formula.


What is VesselMax used for?

VessleMax is used to increase cardiovascular health including repair of the cells in the endothelial lining of blood vessels. 

How do I take VesselMax?

Suggested use is 3 capsules per day. I recommend taking 1 capsule at each meal. 

Does VesselMax work? 

The ingredients in VesselMax have been clinically researched and verified. One study of Diosmin showed improvements within 8 weeks. 

How does VesselMax work? 

The ingredients in VesselMax work synergistically to tone, protect and restore vasomotor tone and health to your microcirculatory system.  

Why are Ortho Molecular products so expensive?

Ortho Molecular Products are professionally researched and manufactured products. Each batch of their raw materials are checked and verified for purity and their production is cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices). The doses in their formulas match the doses used in medical research.  Less expensive formulas may not use doses or forms of nutrients that have been medically tested and researched. 

How does it compare to Vascuzyme?

Like VesselMax, Vascuzyme is used for cardiovascular health and blood flow.  While the ingredients in VesselMax are geared toward tissue repair and venous tone, the ingredients in Vascuzyme focus on reducing inflammation by breaking down inflammatory proteins within your bloodstream. These two formulas can be used in combination to support cardiovascular health. The recommended dose for Vascuzyme is 2 capsules per day.   Vascuzyme should be taken on an empty stomach, while VesselMax is best taken with food. 

Concluding Thoughts…

VesselMax will support all of the layers of cardiovascular health. Ortho Molecular demonstrates a thorough understanding of the cardiovascular system and seeks to address the building blocks of this system. VesselMax is not simply a bandaid, it penetrates deeper with botanical extracts which can help encourage the body in natural ways. With ingredients that target each area and highlight and support one another’s strengths, you increase vasomotor tone and cardiovascular health. To discuss the possible benefits of VesselMax for your cardiovascular health, please schedule a consultation with Carly Neubert BA, NC.

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