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Why Take Curamin Extra Strength

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on March 24, 2021

What should I take for my pain? Pain is something we all encounter, and there are so many over-the-counter painkillers available these days. I lived through 6 years of chronic pain from a torn disc in my back. My beloved dog, Reo, lived with spinal pain from IVDD for almost a decade. The side effects of prescription and over-the-counter pain medications are horrendous and sometimes deadly, not to mention the high risk of addiction. No wonder it‘s so difficult to choose what’s best for you.

It can be a real pain to find something that doesn’t have side effects---and that actually works. Perhaps, the answer to this global pain problem is curcumin - the natural phenol found in turmeric root. Turmeric is a common spice used in many traditional Indian dishes. When used in natural medicine, curcumin is extracted from the turmeric root and serves as a potent anti-inflammatory.

Curamin Extra Strength  (CES) is a dietary supplement that harnesses the power of curcumin to provide pain relief without any of the harmful side effects caused by other pain killers. Because of the fact that curcumin is naturally sourced, many question whether Curamin Extra Strength is as useful as ibuprofen or even prescription opioids. This article will weigh Curamin Extra Strength against other popular over-the-counter pain relievers, like ibuprofen, and address some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding this supplement.

Is curcumin better than ibuprofen?

When it comes to pain relief, many of the over-the-counter painkillers we are so familiar with can produce severe and unwanted side effects. You may be disappointed to learn that, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen, can cause reflux, stomach ulcers, and even heart attacks. Knowing this, the best option for managing your pain is probably one that works without inducing these side effects. 

Curamin Extra Strength does just that. By mixing a proprietary blend of naturally-sourced and biologically active ingredients, it provides the utmost pain relief, while reducing the event of harmful side effects.

In fact, in a recent study focusing on patients with knee osteoarthritis, Curcuma domestica (turmeric) extracts were determined to be as effective as ibuprofen for pain treatment. Among these patients, those who were given curcumin extracts for pain relief also experienced fewer gastrointestinal side effects. 

Another study focused on curcumin’s role in delayed onset muscle soreness (DMOS). In a trial of seventeen men, they concluded that oral curcumin likely reduces pain associated with DMOS. Even more, it provided evidence for the enhanced recovery of muscle performance.

How long does it take for Curamin Extra Strength to work?

Terry Naturally, the company that makes CES, recommends taking it for at least a week to 10 days. According to recent customer reviews, individuals saw improvement within a week of use, when taking 2-3 tablets per day. This is because CES’s benefits increase over time, so taking it for multiple days in a row is recommended. If you are currently taking CES and not experiencing results, consider altering your dosage according to the type of pain you are trying to treat. I introduce my recommended dosing in this article.

How much curcumin is too much?

Most turmeric supplement products have a recommended dosage of 500 mg, taken twice daily with food. Nonetheless, this amount can vary depending on your symptoms, your overall health, what condition you are trying to manage, and your body’s response. Additionally, it depends on the quality of the curcumin extract you are using.  At the bargain vitamin stores, you will probably get ground up turmeric root in capsules. I only recommend Curcugreen (formerly known as BCM95) curcumin extract.  It is the curcumin extract that includes a full spectrum or curcuminoids and turmeric essential oil. Because of this unique formulation you will get up to 10 times more absorption. Curamin Extra Strength contains BCM95 curcumin extract.

The general serving size for Curamin Extra Strength is one tablet, three times daily (three tablets per day). This is a good rule of thumb when it comes to taking curcumin, and coincides with the general turmeric dosage recommendations mentioned above. Each serving contains 2,706 mg of proprietary complex, which includes Curcumin, Boswellia, DLPA, and Nattokinase to provide the best pain relief possible. 

If you’re looking to take CES for specific symptoms, this infographic can help you choose the best dosage.

(From HealthyHabitsLiving.com)

Studies show you can safely take up to 8000mg of curcumin per day without side effects.  If you are taking high doses, I recommend taking  your doses with a meal so that your digestive juices help you avoid stomach upset or nausea.

Is it ok to take curcumin with ibuprofen?

We’ve already determined that curcumin is extremely beneficial when it comes to alleviating the side effects of common pain-relieving drugs like ibuprofen. Although curcumin and ibuprofen are utilized for similar pain-related disorders, the interaction between the two can potentially cause adverse effects. People have been known to experience bleeding when combining doses of turmeric with NSAIDs, including ibuprofen, aspirin, warfarin, and anti-platelet drugs. To prevent interaction, avoid the use of curcumin supplements and ibuprofen conjunctively, with a gap of at least 3-4 hours in between

Who should not be taking turmeric?

Although turmeric extract (curcumin) possesses several curative properties, it should be avoided altogether by some individuals in order to prevent adverse health effects. Usually, curcumin’s side effects are mild, including nausea, an upset stomach, and aggravation of acid reflux. Some of curcumin’s more severe health effects are due to the fact that it is a blood thinner and uterine stimulant. Since it is a blood thinner, those on anticoagulants (like warfarin) shouldn’t take it. Because it is a uterine stimulant, pregnant women should avoid curcumin supplements in order to avoid accidentally inducing contractions. 

Others who should avoid taking curcumin supplements include breastfeeding mothers, individuals on antidiabetic drugs, those experiencing iron deficiency, and people with gallstones or bile obstructionIn short, this is a result of curcumin’s other properties: it can stimulate the production of androgen, lowers blood sugar, can impede the absorption of iron, and prompts bile production. 

Overall, if you are experiencing any of the conditions mentioned above, be cautious with your turmeric (and consequently curcumin supplement) intake. If you are currently taking anticoagulants or are pregnant, consider avoiding turmeric altogether. Although it is beneficial in many ways, turmeric can cause negative interactions within the body. 

Curcumin supplements are everywhere now. If you are taking a turmeric supplement already and not feeling any benefits, I recommend you check the dose and the quality of the ingredients  I always keep Curamin Extra Strength on hand for times that I overdo it while gardening, paddleboarding, or hiking. It is excellent for headaches and stiff joints. When I get a stiff shoulder or neck, I use Curamin Extra Strength along with a visit to the chiropractor.

Here are some reviews from our Curamin Extra Strength users:

Barbara A: This product had me walking in 3 days. I had not been able to walk pain free for months!!! I will always have on hand for inflammation.

Darrell C: My wife takes Curamin Extra Strength. By taking this she has done away with things like tylenol.  It works great and not harmful on her body. 

Walt M: I had a recent back injury and the pain went down my right leg with most of the pain concentrated in my right ankle. It felt as though I was walking on a broken ankle. I spent two months taking prescribed medicine from a doctor with very little relief. Looking around online I came across Curamin and with a skeptical purchase decided what do I have to lose. In four days, taking three pills a day, one in the morning, noon and evening, the pain began to be deeply relieved. After two weeks I am doing one pill in the morning and one when I come home from work. Try it, you will be a convert too!!!

If you have any additional questions on Curamin Extra Strength, you can check out our blog titled All You Need To Know About Curamin Extra Strength. To learn more about the health benefits of curcumin supplements, check out this blog. Last of all, if you’re still curious about pain reduction and inflammation, visit the blog linked here. For a customized plan for using Curamin Extra Strength as part of your natural pain relief program, schedule a consult with me.



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