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Wobenzym: The Enzymes for Your Optimal Health

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on May 10, 2023

Douglas Labs has garnered a reputation for high-quality products from well-sourced ingredients backed by science. Not only do they boast a superior product line, but they are always re-evaluating formulas and ingredients to provide the best for me and you. 

One of the brands under Douglas Labs, Wobenzym, has three formulas that incorporate enzymes for a variety of wellness lifestyles. Wobenzym N, Wobenzym PS, and Wobenzym Plus are the three formulas that we will focus on in this blog post. These formulas have been in clinical trials since the company’s creation in the 1960s. That means there have been 50+ years of clinical trials that support the results for the Wobenzym formulas. 

So…how did they get the name “Wobenzym” exactly?

Wobenzym is a play on the words “Wolf-Benitez-Enzymtherapie.” Drs. Benitez and Wolf developed an enzyme formula using plant-based enzymes and antioxidants. Wobenzym is now the #1 Joint Health formula in Germany and has been in more than 200 clinical trials worldwide over the past 50 years. Currently, Wobenzym is manufactured in Germany.

Wobenzym N

Through proteolytic enzymes, this formula addresses healthy joint function and provides relief to everyday aches and pains. A study in 2017 produced positive results when using each of the active ingredients in this formula to address osteoarthritis treatment and more specifically, pain relief. 

What is a proteolytic enzyme? It’s the type of enzyme that breaks down proteins. Your body makes proteolytic enzymes and you can take them in supplement form. Proteolytic enzymes actually help in the breakdown of proteins involved in swelling or pain reactions

Proteolytic enzymes can be used to digest your food, so it is important to take them on an empty stomach if you want the benefit in your bloodstream and joints. Wobenzym tablets are enteric coated so that they remain intact and pass through your stomach acid. Without the enteric coating, the enzyme ingredients would be destroyed by your stomach acid and not have the chance to be absorbed into your bloodstream.  

The ingredients in this formula include:

  • Bromelain: Primarily found in the pineapple plant, Bromelain is used in Central and South America for digestive disorders. Today, it is used in dietary supplements for reducing pain and swelling. It has been studied for joint pain, muscle recovery, osteoarthritis, allergic rhinitis, and Type 1 Diabetes. Bromelain is also in Wobenzym PS and Wobenzym Plus

  • Trypsin: This is an enzyme that deals with digestion. Commonly found in the small intestine, trypsin can also promote speedier recovery from tissue damage. If your pancreas doesn’t produce enough of this enzyme, it could result in malabsorption. Trypsin is also in Wobenzym PS and Wobenzym Plus

  • Rutoside trihydrate: Rutin is a bioflavonoid found in certain fruits and vegetables.It has powerful antioxidant properties that reduce inflammation caused by arthritis. Rutin is also in Wobenzym PS and Wobenzym Plus.
  • Pancreatin: Pancreatin is a combination of digestive enzymes that digest fats, proteins, and sugars. In a state where the pancreas isn’t performing at an optimal level, this can be used to help bring back natural digestive conditions. Certain medical conditions can create situations where the body doesn’t produce enough of these digestive enzymes. These can include cystic fibrosis, pancreatic cancer, or surgery on the pancreas.  Wobenzym N is the only formula that includes pancreatin.  

  • Papain: This is an enzyme extracted from the raw papaya fruit. Like pancreatin, trypsin and bromelain, papain is a proteolytic enzyme. A popular remedy for pain reduction and inflammation, it has also been also used for improving digestion. An article in Nutrition Review discussed the utilization of proteolytic enzymes for addressing inflammation. Papain has been studied for reducing inflammation in asthma, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.  Wobenzym N is the only formula that includes papain. 

  • Chymotrypsin: This enzyme is primarily used for addressing redness and swelling in times of infection.  It is also a proteolytic enzyme. Used in clinical studies since the 1960s, chymotrypsin has been extensively studied in tissue repair and was found to promote speedier tissue repair in a 2018 studyWobenzym N is the only formula that includes chymotrypsin. 

While Wobenzym N has the ingredients also listed in Wobenzym Plus and Wobenzym PS, it adds in three other ingredients - Pancreatin, Papain, and Chymotrypsin. This formula is designed with general wellness in mind. The other two formulas are stronger and are used to address conditions that are acute (surgery or injury) or chronic (arthritis or other inflammatory conditions.)  Wobenym N has been studied for joint health, gynecological health, breast health, lymphatic health, thyroid health, and urinary tract health. 

Like the other two formulas, Wobenzym N helps address joint health by supporting healthy mobility and flexibility, as well as speeding up recovery after exertion. For gynecological health, the clinical studies cited reported that reproductive health and genitourinary health (fancy word for organs involved in the production/excretion of urine and reproduction) was both supported and promoted. Healthy breast tissue was supported and lymphatic drainage was encouraged. There was the maintenance of thyroid tissue health reported in clinical studies as well. 


Tara C. uses Wobenzym N and reported:

“I Love this stuff--above its ability to aid in structural repair, Wobenzym is also beneficial in lowering antibody levels for people with Hashimoto's and is helpful in the gut for people struggling with recurring SIBO. I highly recommend Wobenzym N :)”

Marie O. also bought Wobenzym N from our website and said:

“I've taken Wobenzym N for over 20 years, it has really helped me with joint pain and aching muscles and also with digestion.”

Rachel P. also uses Wobenzym N from our website and said:

“First supplement of many that improved my joint pain.”

Wobenzym PS

Wobenzym PS (PS stands for Professional Strength) has 2 times the enzyme strength at Wobenzym N. Wobenzym PS, along with the Plus formula, has been evaluated to benefit joint health, post-surgical support, and cardiovascular health. Wobenzym PS has a smaller tablet size than Wobenzym Plus.  

While Wobenzym N may have more ingredients than Wobenzym PS and Wobenzym Plus, it is not as strong. The “PS” and “Plus” formulas have double the enzyme strength and are recommended for chronic and more severe conditions. One study compared it to using NSAIDS for managing pain and inflammation in osteoarthritis.

Wobenzym Plus

Wobenzym Plus is the most potent formula available from Wobenzym. It is the exact same formula as Wobenzyme PS, but with fewer tablets to take. The other formulas require 3 tablets per dose (6 tablets per day), and Wobenzym Plus only requires 2 tablets per dose (4 tablets per day). It is the exact same formula as Wobenzym PS in less tablets.


What is the difference between Wobenzym and Wobenzym N?

Wobenzym is the name of the company that manufactures Wobenzym N, Wobenzym PS, and Wobenzym Plus.  

Can Wobenzym N be taken long-term?

Yes, Wobenzym N can be taken long term. There are no reported toxicities or overdoses.

What is the best Wobenzym formula?

For general health support, Wobenzym N is your best option.  If you are dealing with an acute injury or surgery, I recommend Wobenzym PS or Wobenzym Plus.  Both of these formulas have also been studied for use in chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis

Can I give Wobenzym to my dog?

Out of the key clinical studies, there is no evidence to support the administering of any of the formulas to a dog. If you’re looking for some great pet health options, check out our Pet Care category here. 

When do I take Wobenzym?

For all three formulas, take on an empty stomach 45 minutes before a meal. 

Does Wobenzym help inflammation?

Yes, all three of the Wobenzym formulas have ingredients that have been researched and proven to help with inflammation. 

What is Wobenzym used for?

All three of the Wobenzym formulas have ingredients proven to reduce inflammation and the pain associated with it. The formulas are recommended for acute injuries or surgery, osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, allergic rhinitis, painful joints, heart health and general health. 

Do systemic enzymes help arthritis?

Yes, systemic or proteolytic enzymes have been proven to reduce the inflammation associated with arthritis. 

Can taking digestive enzymes be harmful?

Enzymes are naturally produced in your own body.  If you take them as a supplement you could encounter diarrhea or interactions with other medications. These side effects are unlikely and rare.

Do digestive enzymes cause weight gain?

No, digestive enzymes do not cause weight gain.  Evidence shows that taking digestive enzymes will alter your microbiota and actually increase weight loss.

What enzymes are good for arthritis?

Bromelain, papain, trypsin, pancreatin, and chymotrypsin have all been shown to reduce inflammation associated with arthritis. 

What enzyme causes osteoarthritis?

Although science has yet to determine all the causes of arthritis, the enzymes MMP-2 and MMP-9 are frequently elevated in patients with osteoarthritis.

What is the dose of Wobenzym N?

The dose of Wobenzym N is 3 tablets taken 2 times per day taken at least 45 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after a meal. 

What is the dose of Wobenzym PS?

The dose of Wobenzym PS is 3 tablets taken 2 times per day taken at least 45 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after a meal. 

What is the dose of Wobenzym Plus? 

The dose of Wobenzym Plus is 2 tablets taken 2 times per day taken at least 45 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after a meal. 

Who owns Wobenzym?

Nestle Health Science owns the manufacturer of Wobenzym.

What is Wobenzym made out of?

The various Wobenzym formulas contain different ingredients which include: pancreatin, rutin, trypsin, bromelain, chymotrypsin and papain. 

Where is Wobenzym manufactured?

Wobenyzm is currently manufactured in Germany and distributed by Douglas Lab. Healthy Habits Living is an authorized retailer. 

Is Wobenzym a pancreatic enzyme?

Wobenzym N contains pancreatin which is an extract from porcine pancreas.  Pancreatin is mixtures of pancreatic enzymes. 

Concluding Thoughts

Enzymes are hard-working elements for your health and wellness that may not necessarily get the time and attention they deserve. With Wobenzym, you are getting an extensively-researched and time-tested formulas that have studied in hundreds of clinical studies. Systemic proteolytic enzymes are a natural way to reduce inflammation and the many diseases that result from it.  Do you have any questions about how Wobenzym can be a great addition to your supplement regime? Schedule a consult with me, Carly Neubert BA, NC.



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