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Designs for Health is a company founded on the thought that science comes first in the vitamin and supplement industry. They saw the need for a business to prioritize this statement and they work on a daily basis to achieve this goal. It is their prerogative that if you have the correct ingredients working together in a way that is most efficient in a body, that you will create products which make a difference in people’s daily lives. There will be measurable results and these will become a part of their patient's lives.

Another big priority of Designs for Health is bridging the gap between healthcare professionals and the patients. They work to educate healthcare professionals about the importance of a helpful and supportive environment for their clients.

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Designs for Health Training

They offer training to facilitate this and allow for them to be educated on the products being manufactured by Designs for Health, allowing the professional to be more knowledgeable and able to answer any questions the client might have. They are consistently offering seminars and webinars to those healthcare professionals in order to continue the education process, specifically on the products that they are able to offer. Designs for Health also offers podcasts, live events, and nutritionist roundtables on their website to further the education of all those involved with the company.


The fact that Designs for Health is a “paleo-friendly” company is one of the things that sets them apart in the industry. This is based on the value and thought that in this modern age we need to implement more of the diet that was successful for our ancestors. By using their line of products, they make it simple and easy for one to take this fundamental practice into their daily lives, improving their overall health by this change.

High Manufacturing Standards

The manufacturing process of Designs for Health’s products is examined at every level and the standard for their facilities is set very high. They uphold GMPs and require each vendor to go through a qualification process which is maintained over time. The raw materials that are used in the production process are subjugated to these same standards allowing for them to guarantee the best quality to their customers. These raw ingredients are required to have a certificate of analysis done by third party labs in order to measure the quality.