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Natural Vitality bases their business on three main goals. Promote calmness, maintain equality, and provide holistic sustainability to the world. They believe that each product, such as their stress-relief supplements, should have a valid and unique reason for being, there should always be a specific purpose for the existence of each of their products. Overall, this company would like to reduce the stress in their customer’s lives in order for them to more fully devote themselves to improving upon other aspects of their lives. This was brought about by the idea that all departures of wellness have stress at their root. The research done for each specific product is conducted in order for them to really specialize in their purpose.

In 1982 this company was founded by Peter Gillham, the developer of Natural Calm. Years later, in 2008 the company was purchased by Susan Whitman and Justin Farmer. Now they are based out of Austin and maintain the goal of promoting lasting, real health. This requires one to be able to create a sustainable environment and utilize their locally-based food systems. A central part to this ideal in the care we take in the earth we live on. Natural Vitality believes that Earth’s best future relies on unified diversity where differences are respected, understood and utilized which works toward the betterment of the entire community. The Calm Earth project is a large part of the business model of this company. This organization works toward the organic and sustainable agriculture and soil restoration. This is made possible by a portion of each profit generated by a sale of one of Natural Vitality's products being put toward the funding of this project. Along with these things, The Calm Earth project helps to support many organizations which promote the general health of the environment.

Natural Vitality products use organic, plant-based ingredients when possible; you will not find pesticide residue or GMOs in anything that they produce. You will not find pesticide residue or GMOs in anything that they produce. All of the fruits and veggies, as well as the stevia and fruit flavoring used are organic. In doing this, the company is more able to fully support the organic farming industry and grow their efforts as the demand for organically grown items are rising. Not only does this company work toward creating a better earth, their stress-relief supplements are also safe and effective. They have been approved by Ashley Koff. Ashley is a registered dietitian whose main goal is to help other recognize the importance of promoting quality ingredients. She calls those who value the quality of their food “Qualitarians” and she believes that if one is able to implement this one simple change into your life, your overall health and wellbeing will be further improved.