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Ad-Focus HP - 60 Capsules Default Category BioSpec
Ad-Focus HP - 60 Capsules Default Category BioSpec

    Ad-Focus HP - 60 Capsules



    BioSpec Ad-Focus HP

    Neuro-Protective Complex Supports Cognition and Memory 

    Ad-Focus HP is a highly specialized nutraceutical for focus, mental acuity, and cognition.

    • Bacopa Monniera Extract has been shown in studies to inhibit the release of chemical messengers and enzymes that promote brain inflammation; may improve the retention and retrieval of learned tasks.
    • Ginkgo Biloba Extract may enhance memory, improve blood and oxygen availability, and support neurological activity.
    • Huperzine A may enhance cognitive function and memory through acetylcholine support.
    • Vinpocetine has been reported to play a role in cognitive health through its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Improvements in brain health and activity may be attributed to improved mitochondrial function.


    Serving Size: 2 Veggie Capsules
    Bacopa Monniera Extract (standardized to 20% bacosides A & B) 800 mg
    Ginkgo Biloba Extract (standardized to 24% / 6%) 240 mg
    Vinpocetine Extract (periwinkle) 40 mg
    Huperzine A Extract (standardize to 1%) 400 mcg

    Other Ingredients: Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin, Glycerin and Purified Water. 

    Suggested Use

    As a nutritional supplement for adults, 1 capsule twice daily or as directed by your healthcare professional. Do not exceed the recommended dose. 

    Warning: Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Avoid use if taking blood thinners, acetylcholinesterase inhibitors or cholinergic medications, or have a seizure disorder, cardiac arrhythmia, benign prostatic hypertrophy, asthma, chronic respiratory condition, peptic ulcer, inflammatory bowel or malabsorption syndrome.