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IntestiBal - 60 Capsules


Candicin HERBAL FORMULA Essential Oils from Ginger and Wormwood to Promote Digestive Health* Serving Size: One capsule Recommended Dosage: Take one capsule twice daily with meals Contains ingredients traditionally used to support optimal digestive health* Contains ingredients traditionally used to support normal gastric motility and emptying* Proprietary blend includes oregano, clove, ginger, wormwood, and evening primrose Candicin is a unique combination of natural ingredients that are traditionally used to promote digestive health. Ginger contains oleoresin, which is responsible for its pungent odor. It supports bile secretion and gastric motility and emptying.It also supports the release of pancreatic digestive enzymes, which can support a healthy transit time.Wormwood oil contains absinthin, an extremely bitter compound that supports gastric secretion, motility, and digestion.*

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