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Esdifan Default Category Zeo Health
Esdifan Default Category Zeo Health
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    Diarrhea is as uncomfortable as it can be embarrassing. Hurried trips home from a night out to eat, or just a sour stomach after eating something simple, is difficult to manage and hard to prevent– until now.

    Esdifan is an all-natural supplement that experts have proven to stop diarrhea consider Esdifan a revolutionary diarrhea supplement, as it controls the situation and prevents diarrhea from occurring. Simply put, its changed the lives of those who suffer from diarrhea. Now, it's time to take back your life! 

    The ingredients in Esdifan are listed by the FDA as Generally Recognized as Safe. The supplement uses a larger particle zeolite, which is slower to pass through the system and stays in the digestive tract longer. This zeolite removes the excess fluid and toxins from the digestive tract. It's been verified to calm the bowels and firm stool with a success rate of over 80 percent. 

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    • Esdifan uses a larger particle size zeolite to stay in digestive tract longer.
    • Removes excess fluid in the digestive tract.
    • Removes toxins from the digestive tract.
    • Calms down the bowels to allow the body to heal itself.
    • Firms stool.
    • Over 80% success rate

    Esdifan FAQ:

    I never heard of this mineral before, what is it?

    This form of Zeolite is approved by the FDA as completely non-toxic and is used in many products that you have probably come in contact with. For instance, it has been used in water filters, which you have most likely been drinking from, because of its ability to absorb toxins from the water. It has also been used in livestock to stop diarrhea and dehydration, which in turn means some of the animal products you use, most likely have come in contact with Zeolite.Will Esdifan conflict with any medications that I may be taking?Probably not. It contains all natural minerals and vitamins. It passes through your system collecting the toxins, and is passed naturally without you even noticing.  However, you should always check with a medical professional if you have any concerns about interactions with medications that you are taking.

    How does it work?

    The mineral has a honeycomb shape that allows it to trap the toxins and heavy metals as it passes through the digestive tract. We believe that it absorbs the toxins and heavy metals in your digestive tract that are the cause of many cases of diarrhea. Zeolite has been shown in studies to also be effective against yeast and a possible antifungal which is also another cause of diarrhea. The Zeolite and calcium will also absorb some of the excess water and acid in the digestive tract for a much firmer stool. it is important for you to make sure that you are taking in a sufficient amount of water or liquids while taking this product.

    I have seen over the counter drugs that stop diarrhea, what makes Esdifan so different?

    Most people prefer to take natural products instead of introducing drugs into their system, which are known to have bad side effects. Esdifan does not have any of the side effects that over the counter drugs have such as constipation. The great thing about using an all-natural and safe product is that it can be taken over and over long term without worry, and only beneficial benefits for your body. Esdifan stops the pains associated with diarrhea and brings your body back to normal. The best benefit about using Esdifan is that it works! Many customers who use Esdifan who have chronic diarrhea, irritable bowel and Crohns have said the product has changed their life for the better. Allowing them to live their life without the worry about where the closest bathroom is.

    How is Esdifan different from your other products?        

    Esdifan is manufactured with a larger Zeolite particle size. This keeps the product mostly in the digestive tract where it is needed the most to stop diarrhea instead of into the bloodstream.