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Garlic + Parsley - 90 Capsules


Garlic + Parsley HERBAL FORMULA Combination of Garlic Bulb and Parsley Seed Oil Serving Size: One capsule Recommended Dosage: Take one capsule twice daily with a meal Contains ingredients traditionally used to support already healthy blood lipid levels in adults* Contains ingredients traditionally used to promote cardiovascular health* Contains ingredients traditionally used to maintain respiratory health* Provides 4 mg of garlic bulb oil and 4 mg of parsley seed oil per day Garlic + Parsley is a unique blend of garlic and parsley oils that are traditionally used to help maintain optimal cardiovascular and upper respiratory tract health. Recent research demonstrates that garlic oil supports already healthy lipid levels by mediating fatty acid synthesis. These effects are thought to be due to the allyl sulfides in garlic oil, including diallyl sulfide, disulfide, and trisulfide. In a randomized, placebo-controlled trial involving 27 male runners, daily supplementation with garlic oil for four monthssupported already healthy triglyceride levels.*

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