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Glutenizer - 52.5 grams Default Category Sufficient-C
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    Glutenizer - 52.5 grams

    Sufficient C Glutenizer 

    Glutenizer Force Plus Kiwi Strawberry Digestive-Ade drink mix (2.0 ) is a refreshing and satisfying full spectrum digestive enzyme drink mix that was created to help with the familiar discomfort that results from that not-so-perfect meal! Our one-of-a-kind enzyme-rich, digestive solution even offers a generous dose of 2,000 mg. non-GMO vitamin C per scoop for immune and gut health! 


    Ingredient  Amount Per Serving  %
    Calories 4
    Carbohydrates  1
    Vitamin C 2,000mg 3,333%
    Protease l 50,000 HUT
    Protease ll 50 SAPU
    Protease lll 8,900 PC
    Protease lV 1,200 PC
    Peptidase 4,500 HUT
    Amylase 7,200 DU
    B-amylase 600 BAU
    Lactose 500 ALU
    a-galactosidase 50 GALU
    Lipases 190 FIP
    Cellulase  300 CU
    HemiSEB 500 HCU

    Other Ingredients: Plant based natural flavors, rice hull concentrate, acacia gum, organic stevia.

    Suggested Use 

    Directions: Add 8 oz. of cool spring water to one scoop of drink mix. Stir well. Best when used with meals or in close proximity to meals. *Drink within 20 minutes for best results.*

    More Info 

    Caution: If you are pregnant, nursing, administering to a child or if you are unsure of your serving size, consult with your physician.

    This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, any condition or diseases. 

    Gluten and Sugar free