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Hedron Large Device Harmonizer Default Category Hedron
Hedron Large Device Harmonizer Default Category Hedron
Hedron Large Device Harmonizer Default Category Hedron

    Hedron Large Device Harmonizer



    Hedron Large Device Harmonizer 

    Everything you love about the Hedron Device Harmonizer but now designed for devices larger than a cell phone! At last you can protect devices such as your laptops, desktops, Wi-Fi equipment, kitchen appliances, and more with ONE Harmonizer! Sleep easier knowing that your entire family is protected!

    Hedron Large Device Harmonizer is placed on the back of your electronic devices to change the harmful EMF frequencies into beneficial frequencies. It is comprised of 12 specific harmonizing minerals and is ‘impregnated’ with a frequency called Scalar Energy, which matches the earth’s beneficial frequency of 7.83 Hz. This frequency is also called Schumann’s Resonance, the most highly beneficial frequency on the planet. 

    Its a proven fact that wireless technology, a necessity in today's advancing world, exposes us to potential health hazards. Mobile phones (and other wireless and electronic devices) emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Evidence shows that just a few minutes of mobile phone use begins to heat the brain tissue and can cause changes to cells, a proven precursor to cancer and other diseases. 

    Now enjoy long hours of working on a laptop with the heat emission and electromagnetic radiation becoming insignificant and harmless. Shields over 99.95% of radiation emitted from your mobile device and is proven to reduce your mobile's heat radiation by over 80%.

    The Hedron EMF Harmonizer for large devices, assures your larger electronic devices are not robbing you and your children of essential life force energy, and cellular health. Now, more than ever before, EMF protection is not only important, it is essential for your continued health and well-being. 

    The Hedron EMF Harmonizer can be used on devices such as:

    • Cordless Phones
    • Laptops
    • PC's
    • Microwaves 
    • Refrigerators 
    • Televisions 
    • Gaming Systems 
    • iPads

    How To Use

    Peel the Hedron off of the package and stick on the backside of your laptop, or other device, in 1-2 places where heat emission is higher. Do not close the heat vents of the laptop.