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Mastic Gum Default Category Nutricology
Mastic Gum Default Category Nutricology
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    Mastic Gum



    NutriCology Mastic Gum


    Provide Digestive Support with this Natural Supplement:

    Mastic gum (also known as mastiha) is resinous extract from the Pistacia lentiscus var. chia tree, indigenous to the Mediterranean islands. The mastic tree thrives especially well in the southern part of the island of Chios, due to the mild climate and characteristics of the soil. Recently, the traditional knowledge of Chios mastiha production was recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. The plant has a unique lemony balsam-like smell, which can permeate the air of the ‘Mastichochoria’, the villages on Chios that produce mastic gum. Mastiha is used as a flavoring for many products in Greece ranging from chewing gum to digestifs, found at nearly every neighborhood restaurant and corner store. The use of Chios mastiha as a digestive dates back to Hippocrates in the 5th century BCE, and has carried through the ages

    • Supports a healthy microbial balance in the gastrointestinal tract, including the oral cavity and stomach
    • Helps reduce digestive discomfort
    • Promotes health of gastrointestinal mucosa in upper and lower digestive tract
    • Supports normal, healthy metabolism of glucose and cholesterol and blood pressure within normal ranges
    • Increases antioxidant potential and reduces cholesterol oxidation


    Serving Size: 2 Vegetarian Capsules Amount/Serving
    Pistacia lentiscus var. Chia (Resin)
    1 g

    Other Ingredients: Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.

    Suggested Use

    As a dietary supplement, 1 or 2 capsules two or three times daily between meals, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

    Variations in product color may occur. Keep in a cool, dry place, tightly capped.

    More Info

    Since the time of Hippocrates, the use of Chios mastic gum for digestive and oral health has been common practice. Clinical studies as early as 1984 validated the use of mastic gum as a digestive agent, showing an improvement in digestive symptoms and mucosal healing with as little as two weeks of daily consumption. Additional human studies have shown that Chios mastic gum reduces upper digestive tract discomfort and improves microbial balance, making the environment unfriendly for stomach bacteria that can lead to mucosal damage. Mastic gum also helps protect the gut lining from damage associated with NSAID use.

    Mastic gum also supports lower gastrointestinal tract health, improving stool consistency and well-being. In humans, consumption of mastic gum has been shown to support healthy levels of lactoferrin, calprotectin, interleukin-6, and C-reactive protein.