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Micellized Vitamin A - 1 fl oz Default Category Klaire Labs
Micellized Vitamin A - 1 fl oz Default Category Klaire Labs

    Micellized Vitamin A - 1 fl oz



    Klaire Labs Micellized Vitamin A

    Highly Concentrated Liquid Micelle Form

    Vitamin A is an important nutrient for vision, immune system function, bone and cartilage development, and the maintenance and repair of epithelial tissue. Vitamin A is also a powerful antioxidant, protecting cells all over the body against the effects of oxidation due to stress, environmental pollutants, and more.

    This formulation combines two forms of vitamin A—palmitate and betacarotene—that have been micellized into extremely small droplets that are easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Potassium sorbate provides a safe, well-tolerated, and hypoallergenic stabilizing agent for the liquid Micellized Vitamin A preparation. Each drop supplies 1,507 mcg RAE of vitamin A.

    Benefits of Micellized Vitamin A:

    • Highly bioavailable: Vitamin A is a fat-soluble nutrient, meaning it requires fat to be absorbed and stored in the body. Compared with many ordinary vitamin A supplements and vitamin A-containing multivitamins, Micellized Vitamin A suspends vitamin A in extremely small, water-soluble droplets, called micelles. These micelles are a special type of bubble with a fat-loving inside and water-loving outside. In these micellized packages, vitamin A is easily absorbed from the digestive tract.
    • Easy to administer: The dropper-style delivery method of Micellized Vitamin A allows vitamin A to be conveniently mixed with foods or liquids and makes it easy to get the right amount. Each drop of Micellized Vitamin A provides 1,500 mcg RAE as vitamin A palmitate and 7 mcg RAE as beta-carotene (a phytonutrient with vitamin A activity).


    Serving Size: 1 Drop
    Vitamin A (99.5% (1,500 mcg RAE) as vitamin A palmitate and 0.5% (7 mcg RAE) as beta-carotene) 1,507 mcg RAE

    Other Ingredients: Glycerin, purified water, polyethoxylated castor oil, citric acid, and potassium sorbate.

    Free of the following common allergens: milk/casein, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, gluten, soybeans, and corn. Contains no artificial colors or flavors.

    Suggested Use

    1 drop daily with food or beverage or as directed by a healthcare professional.

    Caution: If you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition, or taking prescription drugs, consult your physician before using this product. Note suggested use is 1 drop, not 1 dropper. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.