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MicroSilica - 5 grams Default Category BioPure
MicroSilica - 5 grams Default Category BioPure

    MicroSilica - 5 grams



    BioPure MicroSilica

    MicroSilica is a proprietary product that consists of highly purified functionalized silica.

    MicroSilica can be mixed with liquids to create a suspension; drink quickly to avoid settling of the particles. The best liquid for the suspension is a soluble Vitamin C liquid as this protects the anti-oxidant qualities of the product. Alternately, a bit of lemon juice in water or a fruit juice will work. MicroSilica may be taken on an empty stomach or with food.

    Suggested Use

    The basic adult serving is 100mg (one level scoop, included) once a day. Duration of use is generally 4-6 months. Servings and any other information contained herein is suggested use only and not to be considered treatment recommendations.

    More Info.

    Any nutritional supplement should be used according to the directions on the product label, and under the supervision of an authorized healthcare professional, to be sure there are no undesirable interactions with existing medical conditions or other prescribed medications.
    In the case of BioPure’s fine powder products, including Calcium Bentonite Clay, ZeoBind, MicroSilica, and Enhanced Matrix Formula (Matrix Electrolyte Powder), it is important to note that these powders are meant to be dissolved in liquid and swallowed orally. Care should be taken to avoid inhalation of the powder dust. If inhaled, they are not immediately detrimental to one’s health, but research has shown that long-term inhalation of some powders, such as talc, may cause irritation to the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs.