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Multi-Mineral liquid - 116 mL Default Category Pure Encapsulations
Multi-Mineral liquid - 116 mL Default Category Pure Encapsulations
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    Multi-Mineral liquid - 116 mL



    Pure Encapsulations Multi-Mineral liquid has been discontinued by the manufacturer. 
    Offers a blend of naturally derived minerals to support cellular function‡
    • Concentrated seawater complex containing minerals in varying trace amounts, as found in seawater from the Great Salt Lake in Utah
    • Supports optimal mineral intake
    • Promotes nutrient metabolism and cellular function
    • Designed to enhance water with a healthy mineral profile, such as that from natural mineral springs
    • Convenient liquid delivery form


    Serving Size: 2 mL (2 full droppers) Amount Per Serving
    Magnesium (as mineral complex) 200 mg
    Chloride (as mineral complex) 660 mg
    Sodium (as mineral complex) 5 mg
    Potassium (as mineral complex) 2 mg
    Sulfate (as mineral complex) 32 mg
    Lithium (as mineral complex) 1.4 mg
    Boron (as mineral complex) 1 mg

    Other Ingredients: concentrated seawater mineral complex

    Suggested Use

    2 ml (2 full droppers) daily, by dropper or mixed into water, with a meal, or as directed by a health professional.