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Terry Naturally Curamed 375 mg.

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CuraMed supports healthy inflammtion response and is clinically studied. Terry Naturally CuraMed patent-protected method using micronized curcumin, turmeric essential oil, and phospholipids ensures that CuraMed delivers a curcumin that is up to 10 times better absorbed than standard curcumin, as well as having an 8-12 hour retention time in the body. This high-potency formula provides superior support for a healthy inflammation response, a healthy immune and cardiovascular system, and resistance to free radical activity.

  • BCM-95 provides superior bioavailability
  • High antioxidant ORAC value > 1,000,000
How it Works:

    While the health benefits of curcumin, the active compound from the Indian spice known as turmeric, have been well-documented, it is also well-known that curcumin is not well-absorbed when taken orally (by mouth). Different methods have been used to increase absorption, including combining curcumin with lecithin or piperine (black pepper). The best absorption has been achieved when micronized (very small particles) curcumin is combined with turmeric oils and phospholipids. This combination is up to 10 times better absorbed than standard curcumin.


    Curcumin, a compound found in the spice turmeric, supports multiple pathways in the body and is a potent antioxidant. Some of the benefits associated with curcumin include immune system modulation, protection from oxidative stress, and support for a healthy inflammation response. The specialized extract in this formula has the highest absorption of any curcumin extract available for maximum health benefits.

    Terry Naturally CuraMed FAQ's:

    What about soy in this product? Is that something I need to worry about?

    If a formula contains phospholipids, nattokinase and vitamin K2 which are extracted from soy, we’ll list that on the label. But for peace of mind, the chance of these healthy ingredients causing a risk of allergies is extremely low or non-existent. They contain a possible soy content in parts per million. However, for the safety and comfort of our customers, we provide soy information.

    How is CuraMed different than Curamin? Can we take them both together?

    CuraMed provides bioavailable BCM-95 curcumin only, so it is a single-ingredient product. Curamin provides BCM-95 curcumin along with BosPure boswellia, D,L –phenylalanine (DLPA), and nattokinase as a combination for occasional pain to exercise or overuse. It is perfectly fine to use them together according to your individual preferences.

    Vendor: Terry Naturally

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