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Terry Naturally SagaPro

  • Bladder Support for Men and Women

    SagaPro is ideal for men and women looking to support bladder strength and urinary tract function.


    SagaPro® is a proprietary, aqueous extract of Angelica archangelica leaves, harvested from wild plants grown in the pure air and soil of Iceland.

  • MEN – Prostate Health 
    • Unlike Saw Palmetto, SagaPro is for more than just prostate health. It contains key compounds that support the smooth muscle tissue of the bladder.SagaPro has replaced Saw Palmetto as the #1 bladder product in Iceland.

    WOMEN – Bladder Health
    • SagaPro is ideal for healthy bladder strength.

    Better Rest
    . Participants in a recent clinical trial experienced support for healthy bladder function and reported improved sleep patterns as well.

    Wild Angelica leaves are gathered by local people in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.

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