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Get Energetic About This New Brand, Energetix!

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on April 24, 2024

Energetix offers nutritional, botanical, and homeopathic products. The Energetix company aims to go beyond a band-aid solution. Rather than attending to only the symptoms, they seek to make a difference at the core of the issue. We live in an increasingly imbalanced and toxic environment and as a result, the health issues we encounter can be rather complex. With a goal to purify and nourish the body, Energetix offers over 120 formulas that play well together, even bolstering one another’s healing properties. Energetix supplements are meant to offer unique and individualized solutions to your unique situation. Energetix believes in the innate wisdom of the body. By leaning on the body’s energetic fields and the influence it has on the entirety of the body, these supplements can work with your body and help it to heal from the inside out. Learning to trust a body that seems to have failed you, is an important step to wholeness and healing. Energetix is passionate about aiding in this endeavor.


Energetix not only stands behind their unique formulas, they confidently ensure superior quality of their supplements at every step. Energetix supplements are manufactured in FDA-registered facilities that also meet or exceed the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines. This high bar is pushed even higher as these facilities also hold certifications such as NSF, Organic, and UL. Before an Energetix product makes its way to you, it must pass testing at three different stages. Ingredients are tested for both purity and potency, they are also scientifically identified and screened for contaminants before they make it to manufacturing. Materials are carefully sourced and rigorously tested so that they can know exactly what you’re getting and they can make statements about their ingredients confidently. There’s no guesswork involved. After approval at this stage of testing, ingredients are moved to manufacturing; but continue to be tested for accuracy and consistency so that nothing gets lost during the innovative methods used in the manufacturing process. Lastly, purity is tested once more when the nutirent is bottled. 

Homeopathics, Botanicals, and Nutritionals: A Triple Threat!

As previously mentioned – Energetix offers three groupings of products: homeopathic, botanical and nutritional. These three are designed to be combined and offer support through multiple therapeutic pathways. In turn, you can see increased effectiveness. This combination practice helps support those complex and nuanced challenges. Take a look under “More Info.” in our Energetix listings for links to ‘synergistic considerations’. These lists highlight products that are recommended to increase effectiveness of the given product. 

Homeopathic products are formulated to be easy to use, offering you a combination liquid remedy. Foundational Homeopathic Energetix products include: ReHydration, Calm Five, and Hepatic-Tone. These formulas combine several natural ingredients to help target specific sets of symptoms. Suggested use is 30 drops either once or twice per day.  I suggest starting “Low and Slow” with only a few drops to see how you body tolerates the remedy.  

Energetix Botanicals are liquid plant tinctures that are spagyrically processed. If you’re like me, ‘spagyrically’ may not be in your everyday vernacular. Energetix details that,spagyric preparation is designed to retain and concentrate the raw materials’ properties”. Essentially, this means spending time with each plant to understand how to extract the medicinal qualities at their peak level of efficacy. A study involving spagyric tinctures speaks to the value of this process: “the overall quality of botanicals depends on several factors, including the selection of raw plant materials, harvest time, seasonal changes, and post-harvest processing, and it also relies on extraction procedures and product preparations.” When each step is attended to, no part of the plant is wasted and you receive the highest quality ingredients to promote healing.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Nutritionals. Energetix Nutritionals are bioavailable dietary supplements for foundational and therapeutic support. “Bioavailable” refers to the ability of the supplement to actually reach its designated destination in your body and cells. The goodness that is encapsulated either in droplets or a capsule only does the body good if it can be deposited/absorbed correctly. This is why the bioavailability of supplements is so important! One of the more popular nutritionals is the D3-K2 LipoSpray! You’ll find lots of enzymes, probiotics, and vitamins available in this line. Most of which are in capsule form, in contrast to the liquid tinctures of the botanical and homeopathic lines. 

Product Spotlights

Energetix has many wonderful supplements, here are a few product spotlights to get your gears turning! 

Energetix Calm Five

Calm Five is a homeopathic remedy geared towards relieving agitation, shock, and fear. This combination formula includes five flower essences, informally known as: Clematis, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, and Cherry Plum. Traditionally, these ingredients have been used for both emergency situations and every-day stress. While this may seem more emotional in nature, emotional symptoms that are left unchecked or unsupported can begin to manifest as physical symptoms. Energetix Calm Five can help support your body as it deals with symptoms such as: fear, extreme agitation, shock, anxiety, grief, hopelessness, and denial. 

Suggested use is 30 drops either once or twice per day.  I suggest starting “Low and Slow” with only a few drops to see how your body tolerates the remedy.  

Energetix D3-K2 LipoSpray

Why combine D3 and K2? The nutritional benefits of combining these two vitamins are significant, and once understood, the combination feels like a no-brainer! Vitamin D3 manages the absorption of calcium. This is accomplished through the production of three proteins: calbindin, osteocalcin, and matrix GLA protein (also referred to as MGP). Calbindin is dependent on the presence of D3 in order to function. Calbindin’s job is to take calcium and transport it within your cells. From there, osteocalcin and MGP direct the calcium away from soft tissues and arteries, and towards calcium deficient areas instead. Osteocalcin focuses on developing and maintaining strong bones and teeth – binding calcium to the bone matrix within the skeletal system. MGP does the work of keeping arteries soft, protecting from calcification and heart disease. Again, Osteocalcin and MGP are created by Vitamin D3, but they also are dependent on Vitamin K2. When the body has sufficient levels of D3 and K2, it can “sustain adequate calcium absorption and retard bone resorption”. Essentially, these vitamins help maintain balance in the body. When calcium is lost, resorption leads to soft and brittle bones. While sunlight and diet can help the body acquire D3 and K2, approximately 50% of the population worldwide is vitamin D deficient. Supplementing with Energetix D3-K2 LipoSpray can give you easy access to these important vitamins to support normal bone and cardiovascular health. This synergistic blend is easily absorbed and bioavailable with a pleasant-tasting coconut oil base and a convenient spray form. Getting your vitamins in doesn’t have to be hard!

Energetix Hepatic-Tone

Our last spotlight is for Hepatic-Tone! This homeopathic combination formula is a remedy for symptoms like – a dull headache, itchy skin, and belching. These symptoms may indicate struggles with the liver; namely, liver drainage. The liver’s task is far from simple, it is responsible for over 500 processes. These processes include: detoxification of the blood stream; producing bile for fat digestion and metabolism; and metabolizing fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. The liver also plays a role in blood sugar levels and energy production. If you find that you deal with the following: abdominal discomfort, itching skin, dull headache, bitter taste and belching, anger, indigestion and discomfort after fatty foods, sugar cravings, and nausea – it may be time to give your liver some love. 

The suggested use is 30 drops either once or twice per day.  I suggest starting “Low and Slow” with only a few drops to see how your body tolerates the remedy.  


How do you take Energetix supplements?

Many of Energetix supplements are homeopathic remedies.  As with all homeopathic remedies, shake the bottle before using.  Do not store in direct sunlight.  Energetix packages their remedies in dark blue glass bottles to protect remedies from light. 

What is Drainage Tone good for? 

Drainage Tone is great for detoxifying from both acute and chronic symptoms.  It can be used for acute cold and flu symptoms or chronic toxicity symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, constipation, liver congestion, and headaches. 

What Are The Active Ingredients in Drainage Tone?

59.1 mL contains 5.55% of Calcarea iodata 12X, 30X; Capsicum annuum 6X; Coenzyme A 8X; Echinacea 4X; Equisetum arvense 6X; Hydrastis canadensis 5X; Nadidum 8X; Nitricum acidum 12X; Oleum morrhuae 15X; Petroselinum sativum 4X; Phytolacca decandra 4X; Scrophularia nodosa 4X, 6X, 12X; Silicea 12X; Sinapis alba 4X; Thuja occidentalis 4X.

Suggested use is 30 drops either once or twice per day.  I suggest starting “Low and Slow” with only a few drops to see how your body tolerates the remedy.  

What is Lymph-Tone?

Lymph-Tone I was formulated using the model created by Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg.  He theorized that most if not all symptoms are caused by toxicities held in the body.  His work focused on the various opening detoxification paths within the body systems.

Lymph-Tone I contains Active Ingredients: 59.1 mL contains 3.7% of Adenosinum cyclophosphoricum 12X, 24X; Apis mellifica 12X; Aranea diadema 12X; Belladonna 12X; Boldo 4X, 12X; Calcarea carbonica 12X; Echinacea 4X; Galium aparine 12X; Glandula suprarenalis suis 9X, 12X, 6C; Hypothalamus 12X, 6C; Kali iodatum 4X; Phosphorus 12X; Phytolacca decandra 4X, 12X; Pinus sylvestris 9X; Pituitarum posterium 12X, 6C; Pulsatilla 12X; Rhus tox 12X; Scrophularia nodosa 12X; Sulphur 12X; Thyroidinum 12X.

It can be used for acute symptoms such as upper respiratory symptoms of mucous discharge, watery eyes and cough.  It is also indicated for chronic toxicity symptoms such as skin eruptions, nausea, and sleeplessness. 

The suggested use is 30 drops either once or twice per day.  I suggest starting “Low and Slow” with only a few drops to see how your body tolerates the remedy.  

What is the Colo-Chord supplement?

Colo-Cord contains:
59.1 mL contains 4.16% of Abelmoschus 12X; Aranea diadema 12X; Asafoetida 12X; Baptisia tinctoria 30X; Berberis vulgaris 4X; Candida albicans 18X; Carbo vegetabilis 15X, 30X; Colibacillinum cum natrum muriaticum 24C; Colostrum 8X; Condurango 12X; Fel tauri 8X; Hepar suis 9X, 12X, 6C; Lac vaccinum 12X; Lycopodium clavatum 12X; Mandragora officinarum 12X; Mercurius solubilis 12X; Mucosa nasalis suis 9X; Rhamnus purshiana 4X; Rheum 4X; Selenium metallicum 15X; Veratrum album 12X.

It is recommended for detoxification and support for the GI tract.  I recommend it be used in combination with either Lymph Tone I or Lymph Tone II

The suggested use is 30 drops either once or twice per day.  I suggest starting “Low and Slow” with only a few drops to see how your body tolerates the remedy.  

What is Rehydration good for? 

Energetix ReHydration is recommended for hydrating at a cellular levels and to address symptoms of dehydration such as dry skin, bloating, headaches, stiff muscles and joints, cognitive sluggishness, dry sinuses, and mucous membranes. I recommend using while using Lymph-Tone or Hepatic-Tone because detoxification causes an increased need for water and minerals to buffer toxins as they move through your body. 

59.1 mL contains 4% of Adenosinum cyclophosphoricum 12X, 30X; Coffea cruda 9X; Glandula suprarenalis suis 9X, 12X, 6C; Hypothalamus 12X, 6C, 12C; Kali phosphoricum 6X, 12X, 30X; Natrum muriaticum 8X, 12X, 30X; Sarsaparilla 4X, 6X, 12X, 6C; Silicea 12X, 30X; Taraxacum officinale 4X; Thyroidinum 12X, 6C, 12C.

The suggested use is 30 drops either once or twice per day.  I suggest starting “Low and Slow” with only a few drops to see how your body tolerates the remedy.  


Energetix makes getting to the ‘roots’ a priority – getting to the root of a symptom, finding the ‘why’ behind a plant’s power, and making sure each product’s creation is rooted in safe and accurate processes. No more band aids. If you’re interested in understanding more about how these unique products can work with your body’s innate wisdom to bring about healing, Schedule a consult with me, Carly Neubert BA, NC.




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