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Natura - Naturally Amazing!

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on August 02, 2023

The usage of herbal-based remedies has been a part of society from the beginning to now. Before there were labs and scientific ways to extract nutrients from plants, humans were using whole herbs to optimize health and treat diseases.  From Ancient Egyptians to Ancient Greeks, herbs have been used for a variety of ailments. Natura Health Products has had a mission since their beginning to optimize vitality and health by using evidence-based botanical formulas.  

Since my last two blog posts (you can read them here and here), Natura has expanded upon its knowledge and research to provide a more transparent view for users. Natura focuses on life improvement only. They “measure their success in health.” Unlike other supplement companies only focused on the bottom line, Natura focuses more on empowerment and improving access to knowledge. For 20 years Natura has remained an independent company. This means there is no board of directors or stockholders to impede their mission. Because of this transparency and their business decisions, they have remained a reputable, knowledgeable, and humble company that deserves their positive public reputation. Natura is building off of generational herbal knowledge and academic and clinical research. 

In this blog post, I will focus on three formulas in particular: Botanical Treasures, Artemis Plus, and Mushroom Synergy. 

Botanical Treasures

Botanical Treasures was formulated with the intention to reduce oxidation and help bring about a healthy inflammatory response. We now understand that all diseases and symptoms are either caused by, or are a result of, inflammation.  This formula supports your body in reducing inflammation and the oxidation that it causes.

The ingredients in this formula include:

  • Turmeric: As discussed in a previous blog post, turmeric’s potent pain-fighting nutrient is curcumin. The ongoing research into this component has unearthed wonderful qualities such as healthy inflammation response and increased immune system functionality.

  • Green Tea: Green tea extract is known in the supplement world for its epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which helps support your immune system and promote antioxidant activity. Out of all teas, green tea has one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants. 

  • Black Cumin: Black cumin has been used for centuries to address a wide range of health issues. The most powerful compound in black cumin is thymoquinone (TQ). TQ can help support decreased inflammation and increased immune system function.  

  • Japanese Knotweed: This is another ingredient found in many supplements. Trans-Resveratrol in Japanese Knotweed plays an important role in cellular health with its antioxidant properties. Resveratrol is usually found in grapes, wine, peanuts, and blueberries.  

  • Grape Seed: Grape seed extract is made from grapes grown for wine. Primarily used for reducing inflammation, grape seed extract can also be used to promote wound healing. 

  • Holy Basil and Rosemary: Holy basil isn’t the same as the basil in your spice drawer. Holy basil has been used in Indian medicine for illnesses of the mind, body, and spirit. The nutritional benefits are numerous, from vitamins A and C to chlorophyll. In this formula, holy basil can support a healthy inflammation response and optimal adrenal gland activity. 

The suggested use is 2 capsules 2 times daily, for a total of 4 capsules per day.

Artemis Plus

Do you remember learning about cells in high school biology class? Your body is made up of billions of cells going through the cell life cycle. When the cells die, there can sometimes be debris left over. As these dead cells and debris accumulate, the surrounding healthy cells can be negatively affected. Natura’s Artemis Plus formula helps support the body’s natural debris removal procedures. Additionally, Artemis Plus supports the immune system through its usage of Artemisia annua. 

The ingredients in this formula include:

  • Artemisinin: Artemisinin has been used for a variety of purposes, from antibacterial to anti-inflammatory. Artemisinin has also been used to treat malaria and has been used in ancient Chinese medicinal practices as herbal therapy. More and more research has come out about artemisinin’s efficacy for other ailments as well. 

  • Burdock Seed: In traditional Chinese medicine, Burdock seed has been used for treating sore throats (with the addition of other herbs). Other uses throughout history have included the detoxification of blood, use as a diuretic, and as a topical treatment for acne and eczema. In root vegetable form, it is a great source of natural dietary fibers (which can improve digestion). 

  • Red Clover: This ingredient is standardized for 30% isoflavones. Isoflavones are phytochemicals (chemicals produced by plants) that can support a healthy hormone balance and detoxification system in the body. 

  • Celandine: This yellow flower helps protect the body from any environmental stressors and helps to soothe the lining of the stomach. 

  • BioPerine®: This is the active component of black pepper that helps your body absorb nutrients and support a healthy digestive system. 

The suggested dosage is 2 capsules. I also suggest taking the two capsules with grapefruit juice and Complete Omega Essentials to enhance the absorption of Artemisinin. 

Reviews for Artemis Plus

"Reliable and great quality. Thank you. I will order again. You've gained a permanent customer"

- Adrianne W.

Mushroom Synergy

Mushrooms have been used in health for centuries. Hippocrates considered the amadou mushroom to be a powerful anti-inflammatory. Tao Hongjing from the 5th century used several medicinal mushrooms for health purposes. They can have great power for medicinal use, and more research is being conducted on mushrooms for immune, brain and mental health. Natura has used many different mushroom extracts in Mushroom Synergy to provide an opportunity for immune system support, cell defense, and healing processes. 

The ingredients in this formula include:

  • Turkey Tail Mushroom: This mushroom extract has been known to have a large range of biological activity, such as immune support. This is because of its beta-glucan content! (See this blog post to find out more on beta-glucans). 

  • Red Reishi Mushroom: Reishi also supports a healthy immune system response. It also enhances cell defenses and provides a healthy anti-inflammatory response. Test-tube-based studies have determined that reishi affects the white blood cell genes in order to impact the immune system.  

  • Chaga Mushroom: This mushroom extract provides a great source of antioxidant activity. Additionally, it has great anti-inflammatory properties. This is because the Chaga regulates the production of cytokines. These are cells that affect other cells in your body via cell signaling. The Chaga extract can ease and prevent swelling this way. 

  • Poria: Poria also helps manipulate inflammatory responses. In 2015, a solution developed with Poria was even approved as a drug by the Chinese Food and Drug Administration for treating a variety of diseases. 
  • Shitake Mushroom: This is considered to be one of the superfoods of mushrooms. This mushroom extract provides antioxidant activity as well as encourages healthy liver and heart health. 

  • Milk Thistle: This is one of two herbal extracts in this formula. Milk Thistle can be found in many other supplements. Milk Thistle is used for its liver benefits primarily. It also promotes a healthy immune system response. 

  • Chinese Skullcap: The second herbal extract in this formula has a myriad of benefits - from neurological to liver benefits. Chinese Skullcap has been a promotor of healthy inflammation response, cell behavior, and microbial balance. 

The suggested dosage is 2 capsules daily. 


How do herbal supplements work?

Herbal supplements work because of the phytochemicals in the plants.  For example, milk thistle extract is supportive to your liver health because of the silymarin (phytochemical) in the milk thistle plant. Silymarin is the nutrient in milk thistle that aids your liver in detoxifying.  When shopping for herbal supplements it is important to use formulas from reputable companies who choose high quality herbs with standardized extracts.  Natura is diligent about using potent herbs in their formulations. 

What is the most powerful herb?

The most powerful herb to your liver is milk thistle.  The most powerful herb for your digestive system is licorice.  The most powerful herb for inflammation is turmeric (which is actually a root).  

What herbs should not be taken together?

Because herbal supplements have been used for centuries, we tend to think that they all play well together. They do not.  There can be interactions with prescription medicines as well as other herbs. For example, herbal supplements with St. John’s wort should not be taken with antidepressants. 

Can herbal medicine be harmful?

Herbal medicine is similar to prescription medicine in this regard. If not used correctly, herbal medicines can hurt and cause uncomfortable side effects. 

Do herbal remedies really work?

Yes, if you search Google Scholar for medical research about the power of herbs, you will find thousands of pages of studies.  The power of herbs has been used since the dawn of time and now science can verify the nutrients in each herb and how each supports your health. 

Concluding Thoughts

We have seen throughout history the usage of herbs in addressing ailments we still suffer from today - from digestion to pain. Herbal supplements can be an alternative to addressing ailments, done responsibly and with ample research. Natura has created options through its years of tenure and research in the natural supplement field. Not only has their continued success come from their tenacity and motivation, but their compassion for users and taking feedback to heart. For a customized health plan, schedule a consult with me, Carly Neubert BA, NC.