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Takesumi Supreme

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on July 28, 2021

Don’t be bamboozled, Takesumi Supreme is the next major product you'll want to add to your shelf, asap. What is Takesumi, you might ask?

Takesumi is a specific type of carbonized bamboo with some extreme health benefits. Formulated and sourced by Supreme Nutrition, Takesumi Supreme harnesses the power of this bamboo charcoal to create a product with detoxification, anti-radiation, and anti-aging properties. Although it is quite well-known in Japan for its miraculous effects, it is just beginning to be talked about in the United States. Recently, it has been discussed in relation to weight loss and cleanse programs designed to rid your body of harsh chemicals and toxins. 

In order to get the best, most well-rounded view of Supreme Nutrition’s Takesumi Supreme, in this article we’ll be taking a closer look at the company Supreme Nutrition, the product and its ingredients, activated charcoal, detoxification, and how to implement Takesumi Supreme into your everyday life.

Who is Supreme Nutrition? 

The short and sweet version of events is that the company was founded by Dr. Michael Lebowitz in 2006. His idea for the company arose after treating a variety of patients with complex illnesses in the 1980s. His methods of treatment were largely based on an Applied Kinesiology standpoint, and he soon began to notice that his natural remedies were losing effectiveness.

He later discovered, while on a trip to Kauai, that he could use unripe noni (Morinda citrifolia) fruit to treat one of his own infections. After many tests and trials, he found that he could use noni powder to fight the infections of others, thus Supreme Nutrition’s first product, Morinda Supreme, was made. 

Since then, Supreme Nutrition has transformed into a well-known and well-respected brand. Some of their most popular products include Takesumi Supreme, Melia Supreme, and Morinda Supreme. The rest, I guess you could say, is history. 

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What is Takesumi Supreme?

Takesumi Supreme is one of Supreme Nutrition’s most frequently recommended products. The word Takesumi refers to a specific kind of carbonized bamboo charcoal. Science tells us that activated charcoal is extremely effective when it comes to preventing toxins from being absorbed by your body. It is both negatively charged and porous, meaning it can trap harmful gases and toxins in the gut before they can be absorbed into your bloodstream. In fact, it has even been used to counteract prescription drug overdoses and cases of poisoning

Bamboo charcoal is a fine black powder that contains these detoxifying properties. What’s so special about bamboo charcoal specifically is that it is 10 times more absorbent than other woods traditionally used to make charcoal supplements.

Takesumi Supreme is essentially this powder in supplement form. As a supreme detoxification product, it absorbs mycotoxins, endotoxins, and other potentially harmful biotoxins at a rapid rate. In doing so, it protects and eases strain on the liver, so it has been known to act in an anti-aging fashion. Altogether, detoxification has a variety of beneficial outcomes, like promoting kidney function, reducing cholesterol levels, reducing bloating and gas, and alleviating symptoms of conditions like Lyme Disease, Toxic Mold Exposure, and Fish Odor Syndrome.

How do you use/take it?

Takesumi Supreme comes in both powder and capsule form. This powder is tasteless and dissolves in water, so it is relatively easy to take. Nonetheless, there are some important things to remember when taking this supplement. 

  • For the powder, one dose consists of 2 scoops of Takesumi Supreme powder. The suggested use of this dose is once per day. 
  • For the capsules, a dose is 3 pills, all taken at once. This is approximately equivalent to 2 scoops of the Takesumi Supreme powder, and it is recommended to take this dose once per day. 

When using Takesumi Supreme in the long-term, Dr. Michael himself suggests taking 2 doses per week for general maintenance. When used for detoxification, doses can be taken daily for longer periods of time, depending on the degree of toxicity and other environmental influences. Takesumi Supreme has been consumed by customers from days to months at a time. As a chronic Lyme disease and CIRS (mold illness) survivor, I recommends taking it whenever you are exposed to a chemical or food that you are sensitive towards - Takesumi Supreme’s binding and detoxifying properties can shorten the duration and decrease the symptoms of sensitivity-based reactions.

Alongside this, it is important to understand that Takesumi Supreme is a strong binding agent. Therefore, I always encourage taking this supplement at least 30 minutes before eating anything or taking any additional medication or supplements. On the other hand, it can be taken 1-2 hours after taking other prescriptions and/or supplements. Lastly, it is suggested to take at least 12 ounces of water with every dose of Takesumi Supreme, regardless of if you are using the powder or capsules.  Any binder, including charcoal, clay, psyllium and other fiber supplements, can cause constipation, so water intake is critical.  

 Is the bamboo organic?

All of Supreme Nutrition’s ingredients must pass a kinesiological evaluation. Furthermore, all products have no fillers, binders, etc. added to ensure that most of their products only contain a single ingredient, as in the case of Takesumi Supreme. Because of this, the majority of their products are indeed certified organic, however, occasionally non-certified products will outperform certified ones during testing. In this case, the product with the best overall performance is produced.

Can it cause herxheimer reactions?

A herxheimer reaction is a reaction to endotoxins or endotoxin-like products released during anti-microbioal treatment. Traditionally associated with the antimicrobial treatment of syphilis, this reaction has been known to cause flu-like symptoms, such as headache, joint and muscle pains, or a cough. Now, this generally occurs when a large number of harmful cells die and their metabolic byproducts (like endotoxins) are released. Because of this, people often wonder whether using a product like Takesumi Supreme while detoxing can prompt one of these reactions. 

You will be glad to note that Takesumi Supreme is in fact a powerful toxin binder. Toxin binders actually attract these toxins and help them move throughout your body, thus preventing the absorption that can cause herxheimer reactions. In short, no, taking Takesumi Supreme should not cause a herxheimer reaction. 

Does it cause constipation?

Some toxin binders have been known to cause constipation due to their strong adherence to the body's toxins and other potentially harmful microbes. There has not been a direct correlation between taking Takesumi Supreme and experiencing constipation, however, taking this supplement with 8 to 12 ounces of water can help prevent this from happening. 

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