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14 Day Detox Program

by Numedica

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14 Day Detox Program


NuMedica 14 Day Detox Program

The NuMedica 14 Day Detox Program focuses on an easy-to-follow, low-glycemic food elimination diet. The targeted nutrition in this program is provided in 2 daily delicious shakes and 4 daily capsules formulated to contain select ingredients to support healthy detoxification and enhance the activities of hepatic detoxification enzymes. The program guide included in this program walks you through getting started and includes your daily shake recipes, shopping list, sample menus and healthy lifestyle tips.

Each Program Contains:
Dual-Tox DPO®  -   15 svgs
Liposomal Curcumin   -   30 svgs
Power Greens® Premium Berry   -    21 svgs
Total Vegan® (Natural Chocolate or Vanilla)  -    14 svgs
14 Day Detox Program Guide   -    1 Booklet

Suggested Use

See program guide. 

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