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Nexus Suppository - 30 count


A proprietary blend of Cocoa Butter, 1g of BioPure’s exclusive Freeze Dried Garlic Powder and 100mg of BioPure Artemisinin; 30 rectal suppositories per jar.

Each product in the line of BioPure suppositories is made with the purest, most high-quality, high antioxidant, food-grade Cocoa Butter, with the addition of select BioPure products.

Health Benefits

Nexus Suppository may:

- Support cardiovascular/circulation health

- Support the detoxification process

- Act as an antioxidant

- Provide immune support

- Support microbial/fungal/parasitic defense & co-infection defense

Suggested Use

Our rectal suppositories come with complete step-by-step directions for use.

Servings per Container

30 individually wrapped suppositories


A proprietary blend of BioPure’s exclusive freeze dried garlic powder, artemisinin, and 100% food grade cocoa butter. This product does not contain caffeine. There is a misprint on the label.

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