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Soft Tissue Support Pak

Ortho Molecular

While some protocols act only as pain suppressants, Soft Tissue Support Pak works to relieve injury-related inflammation, spasm and pain, while at the same time significantly contributing to the healing process and repair of the injury.

The Science Behind Soft Tissue Support Pak
When injury-related pain occurs, it is often accompanied by inflammation and muscle tightening/spasms. It is common for patients to take a product that addresses only one of the above issues, not realizing their injury most often has broader needs that are not addressed by their single product. With Soft Tissue Support Pak, patients are encouraged to take a holistic approach to their injury, addressing not only the pain, but also other symptoms. By doing so, the healing process is enhanced and repair of the injury is expedited.

Comprehensive Formula

Turmeric Root Extract (Curcumin), Trypsin, Amylase, Lipase, Lysozyme, Cellulase, Alpha Chymotrypsin. These ingredients combined bring a multi-pronged approach to long-term hindrances to healing.


GABA, Glycine, Cramp Bark, Dong Quai Root Extract. Soft Tissue Support Pak employs some of the most effective natural ingredients for addressing muscle pain and spasm.

Natural Flavonoids

Quercetin, Hesperidin Complex, Hibiscus Flowers, Rutin. By decreasing capillary permeability and fragility, the flavonoids in Soft Tissue Support Pak act to help reduce swelling and decrease wound healing time. Furthermore, flavonoids enhance the overall efficacy of the product through improvement of tendon and ligament function.

How Enzymes Work for Injury

Enzyme therapy has been used in numerous realms throughout the United States and Europe. Polyenzyme regimens have been used in sports related injuries and post operatively. Vascuzyme is an enteric coated tablet with a high enzyme activity. The addition of quercetin and rutin set this multi-enzyme tablet apart from the rest!

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