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NuMedica: Innovation Through Research

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on May 04, 2022

In order to stay relevant in the supplement industry, a company has to constantly innovate, keep their customers' needs and wants in mind at all times, and ensure that everything that comes out of their manufacturing is safe, effective, and high-quality. NuMedica has achieved these feats and then some. In the previous years, I have written about NuMedica products in length, from Osteo Vegan to MCT Oil. I cover Dim Estro for healthy estrogen and hormone levels here and how stress impacts your health and hormones here. NuMedica also makes one of my favorite protein powders and greens formulas. This blog post will highlight some of the new formulas NuMedica has released recently. 

The first product is Collagen RepleteThe collagen-craze is real - I have seen such a big increase in how many people are talking about the importance of collagen, from social media to academic and clinical studies. Something unique about this formula is the kind of supplement it is - liquid! You don’t see too many liquid collagen supplements - it’s mainly capsules or powders. The importance of this formula is not completely contingent on the collagen peptides, however. Vitamin C is also included in this formula in order to counteract the collagen production decrease that comes with the natural aging process. 

I have written previously about ImmunoG PRP and how much I love its benefits on growth and immune support. There is a new flavor available now - Natural Vanilla! This new flavor has the same wonderful benefits as I discussed in the previous blog post, the only difference is the flavor.

The next new formula is Mag-Plex Neuro Cognitein. This formula is a brain booster that can support the brain’s natural aging process. The three major ingredients are Magetein® (magnesium L-threonate), L-taurine, and L-Theanine. Did you know that the amino acid taurine plays a big role in protecting and supporting our brains? When these levels decrease as we age, our brains can become more vulnerable to chemicals in our environment. Studies have recently shown that taurine has a therapeutic role against neurodegenerative diseases like ADHD and sleep-wake disorders. Magnesium L-threonate is a form of magnesium created by the mixture of magnesium and threonic acid. This creates a salt substance. This is not the form of magnesium you want to take to relax your muscles or your bowels. Like taurine, this form of magnesium also has its benefits shown in brain health. 

Theanine, found in green tea, can help with stress-related symptoms in healthy adults. As seen in a study in 2019, L-theanine has the potential to help with mental health in healthy adults that suffer from increased health issues due to stress.

NOVA Complete is the next new formula out of NuMedica. NOVA Complete was created to increase circulation and sexual performance by boosting the body’s production of nitric acid. Nitric acid’s role in the body is as a vasodilator, meaning that the inner muscles of your blood vessels are relaxed, allowing for more blood flow and decreased blood pressure. Unlike other supplements that promote nitric oxide consumption, this one does not rely on L-arginine. Instead, NuMedica has developed a formula that incorporates botanicals, vitamins/minerals, and L-citrulline. The reason that L-citrulline is included instead of L-arginine is that L-citrulline is believed to result in more L-arginine production than taking L-arginine itself. A 2017 study explained this phenomenon in mice. The other main ingredient, grapeseed extract, has been shown to support a healthy blood pressure level. Grapeseed extract is rich in antioxidants as well. Did you know that the antioxidant proanthocyanidins specifically are found primarily in grapes? This type of antioxidant has the potential to provide chemotherapeutic qualities against cancer. 

Jim Meyer, PharmD, MS, CCN (and also the Opinion Leader & Formulator of NOVA Complete), says: “In my clinical experience, giving L-citrulline increases cellular L-arginine much more efficiently than giving L-arginine supplementally thereby reducing damage due to elevated arginase activity and reduced availability of L-arginine for the nitric oxide cycle.*”

Parimin B™ is another formula that can provide a boost to cognition. This supplement is formed by a combination of riboflavin in the form of Vitamin B2,  Vitamin B12  as methylcobalamin, and Vitamin B5 as pantothenic acid. The overall goal of this formula is to provide support to the nervous system and support muscle homeostasis. Muscle homeostasis occurs when the relationship between anabolic and catabolic is balanced. This relationship is delicate. It can occur when the body is recovering from an injury, for example. The B vitamins in this formula also support cellular production of energy and support overall brain health. Pantothenic acid, however, is responsible for red blood cell formation and the conversion of food to usable energy. Thus, it also helps maintain a healthy flow of digestion.

Vitamin K2 is the last new formula from NuMedica. In the typical Western diet, vitamin K2 is almost nonexistent. Only found in animal-sourced products, Vitamin K2 is a rare one. Vitamin K is thought to only be present in leafy green vegetables, but that’s not completely true. Vitamin K1 is found in leafy greens like kale, spinach, and Brussel sprouts. Vitamin K2, on the other hand, can be found in fermented foods like Natto from Japan and high-fat products from grass-fed cows, egg yolks, and liver. As a whole, Vitamin K2 provides an enhancement of the utilization of calcium. Bone loss can be decreased through the promotion of bone strength and integrity. 

Concluding Thoughts…

NuMedica is truly a great company - from its values to its innovations. I cannot wait to see what new products they release next. What I know for sure is that they will never compromise their integrity, quality, and scientific backing. Are you interested in learning more about any of NuMedica’s products? Schedule a consult with me, Carly Neubert BA, NC.