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Surthrival: 2023 is for THRIVING, not just SURVIVING

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on April 26, 2023

Dynamic, empower, and potential - these are three words that appear on Surthrival’s website many times. Surthrival is more than just a supplement manufacturer, they have created a lifestyle for their community. By embodying a culture of recovery and empowerment of mental and physical wellness, Surthrival is truly an admirable example of community and lifestyle support. 

Through carefully considering ingredients, Surthrival has curated a variety of products. While the primary one is colostrum, they have also created other formulas with pine pollen. 

Surthrival Colostrum

Surthrival Colostrum is a great way to rebuild nutrient levels and support immune function. Colostrum is known as “immune milk” and has been studied recently for its effects in fighting infections as well as improving gut health. Sounds like a great option, right?

If you’re needing a refresher on what colostrum is, check out a previous article here

A 2022 article describes the innovations being made with regard to colostrum. Through the promotion of health and prevention of illness, colostrum has been documented to be a great addition to supplements and food. 

I recommend adults take 1 teaspoon twice daily on an empty stomach with an 8oz glass of juice or water. Colostrum is sweet and creates a creamy consistency in liquid, but needs to be blended or whisked. In fat bomb recipes you can replace a small amount of flour with colostrum or roll the finished fat bombs in colostrum powder for a little added sweetness.  

For children under 18, speak with a healthcare professional.

Reviews for Surthrival Colostrum

Alice C. uses Surthrival Colostrum and says: 

“I have only been taking this product for a week and a half and am noticing positive changes. Particularly in my digestion and mood. The first few days on this were rough as my body was getting used to it but I’m adjusting quickly and noticing amazing benefits. I will 100% be ordering more once I run out!”

Izabela L. says: 

“I tried many types of colostrum. I love Surthrival product as it seems to be of highest quality and taste. It is also least processed. I drink it every morning diluted in warm water for my immune support.”

Recipe to Try: Supercharged Immunity Chaga Coffee (Courtesy of Surthrival)

Did you know that 64% of American adults consume coffee each day? Surthrival has a delicious coffee recipe that uses a chaga and coffee base. Chaga is a mushroom that acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. 

The ingredients for this beverage include:

2 liters Chaga Tea

3 cups freshly brewed coffee

2 dropperfuls Chaga Extract

1/4 cup Surthrival Colostrum powder

1/2 cup Raw Cream

2-3 tbsp Maple syrup

Brew the coffee using the Chaga tea as the base (use hot-brewed or cold-brewed coffee and tea depending on your preference). Lastly, blend all the ingredients until the beverage is frothy.

Colostrum FAQs

What is Colostrum? 

Colostrum is a mother’s first milk. Colostrum supplements are made from bovine (cow) colostrum. 

What is in Colostrum?

Colostrum is full of nutrients, immune factors, enzymes, minerals, and probiotics. Colostrum supplements are made from dried or dehydrated colostrum powder.

Is colostrum better than collagen?

Although colostrum and collagen have some similar benefits, they are different nutrients. Colostrum can help to repair the gut which will improve immune function. Collagen also helps repair gut tissue, but is also used throughout the body. Your body uses collagen to repair and grow hair, skin, nails, and joint tissues. Colostrum is better for improving immune function, while collagen is better for healthy tissues and joints. 

Can too much colostrum be harmful?

Don’t consume colostrum if you have a dairy allergy. Colostrum supplements have been proven safe for adults and children as young as 1 year old. High doses of colostrum could cause a strong immune response, so start slowly if you have an autoimmune condition. 

Surthrival Pine Pollen

Surthrival Pine pollen is another superfood that has adaptogenic qualities that can benefit both males and females through boosting levels of testosterone (Adaptogens are nutrients in plants that can affect the way your body deals with stress and fatigue). For a more thorough look into this nutrient, check out my first article on it here.

Pine pollen also contains nutrients like fatty acids, protein, minerals, and vitamins. A 2018 study looked at pine pollen’s antioxidant activity. When rats were pretreated with the pine pollen, they were less likely to have liver damage. While studies in humans aren’t very prevalent, we can look at animal studies like these as great starting points for determining the short and long-term benefits. 

Surthrival’s Pine Pollen capsules have a recommended dosage of three capsules, two times a day with water. Each capsule contains Pure Pine Pollen. 

There are two tincture formulas with Pine Pollen. The Pine Pollen Gold Formula has a recommended dose of 30 drops in the mouth, and holding in mouth for 90 seconds before swallowing. For the Pine Pollen Pure Potency formula, the recommended dosage is the same. The difference between the two formulas is the inclusion of the eleuthero root in the Pure Potency. I have included recommendations and more information on these two formulas in my previous article here

Reviews for Pine Pollen Pure Potency

Denny N. uses Pine Pollen Pure Potency Tincture

“Wonderful product. I can feel a real difference when I’m taking it. Strongly recommend it.”

Gary S.: 

“Good supplement for workout.”

Other FAQ

What is Surthrival?

Surthrival is a supplement and lifestyle company that focuses on dynamic supplements and superfoods that “encourage ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.”  

Who owns Surthrival?

Danny Vitalis, the host of WildFed is the owner of Surthrival.  Danny is a speaker and advocate for living nature-led and outdoor focused lives. 

Further Readings

We are seeing more and more people seeking treatment for low testosterone levels in recent years. Why is this? Poor lifestyle and eating habits can contribute to these decreasing hormone levels. Because the impacts on our mental, physical, and emotional health can be so heavily affected, it is important to determine the causes and possible treatment options. Check out this article on low testosterone levels in men with kidney disease and this article on the lifestyle choices impacting testosterone levels for some more information on the impacts. 

With many parents dealing with formula shortages, many are turning their sights to colostrum education for some great ways to improve the immune protection in their infants. This 2020 article describes the benefits that preterm pigs saw when colostrum supplementation was given after a formula feeding. This 2021 article describes some of the benefits that infants may see with bovine colostrum, but acknowledges that a larger sample size of infants is needed to make concrete suggestions to parents. 

Concluding Thoughts

Surthrival has been at the forefront of providing high quality and reputable products that can help with adjusting your hormonal and immune health. If you have any questions about how these items can be integrated into your own daily life, please don’t hesitate to Schedule a consult with me, Carly Neubert BA, NC.